Financial Aid

We invite all Trinity families to apply for financial aid. Since our founding, we have always tried to be as inclusive as possible. Offering tuition assistance totaling $3 million each year for those who qualify based on need keeps that aim alive.

  • Financial aid is offered through the assistance of FACTS
  • Applications will be available for families to complete on the FACTS website beginning Dec. 15
  • A family needs to complete only one application form, even if they will have more than one child in a local Catholic school during 2018-2019
  • Families must submit a new application every year.
  • Families will be asked for basic demographic information and to submit their 2016 tax documents to complete their application before Feb. 28
    • Special Note: if you applied for financial aid last year and submitted your 2016 tax return information, FACTS should be able to rollover the tax documents you submitted last year.  This will prevent you from having to resubmit the same information.  For this to work, the applicant must enter the USER ID that was used last year and ensure the social security number(s) used last year match what is used this year.
  • The information you provide is confidential and is not shared with third parties
  • Applications should be “VERIFIED” on the FACTS website by Feb. 28 to be eligible for financial assistance
    • Special Note: Once “VERIFIED” with FACTS you will see the word “COMPLETE” in a green box on your application.
  • Any additional information or changes made to your application after Feb. 28 may not effect your need-base calculations for the upcoming school year
  • Families will receive information from Trinity regarding the results of their application in early May
  • If you feel the assistance is not sufficient, you are able to seek a review through FACTS by supplying additional information to the Trinity Business Office.
  • With your permission, your son may also apply for our Work-Study Program. A family may apply for financial aid, work-study or both
  • To begin you financial aid application click here
  • To learn more about our Work-Study program click here

Applying for Aid Online Video Tutorial

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about need-based financial aid.

Q – What is financial aid?

A – Financial aid is comprised of monies raised by the school to distribute to families who qualify for need-based tuition assistance. Trinity uses an outside vendor to evaluate the need of all families who apply for financial aid. Families must apply and qualify for aid.

Q – Is the amount of aid granted consistent over four years?

A – Not necessarily. Families are required to apply for aid each year their son is in school. The amount of aid awarded may change from year to year as family circumstances change.

Q – Who may apply for financial aid?

A – We annually invite all school families to apply for financial aid. The application is available online at

Q – Who determines whether I qualify for tuition assistance?

A – The amount of financial need for each family is determined by FACTS, an independent company that provides such information to schools across the country. All Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Louisville use FACTS. All information supplied by the family to FACTS is confidential.

Q – What information is supplied by FACTS to the school?

A – FACTS reports to the school a figure that is the “demonstrated need” for each applicant. The figure provided by FACTS is the amount of tuition assistance that the family needs to meet the tuition obligation.

Q – What are the factors used to determine demonstrated need?

A – FACTS uses a formula to determine need that includes data like household income, expenses, assets, liabilities, etc.

Q – What income basis applies for self-employed parents who experience no profit periods or high profit years?

A – Income is based upon the previous year, as reported in the federal income tax return.

Q – Does FACTS use the same criteria for every school or does Trinity say what ours should be?

A – The same formula is used for all schools; the only variable between schools is what the tuition charge is going to be. Naturally, a family would have different levels of need depending on the school their child attends if one school charges $5,000 and the other charges $10,000.

Q – As a percentage of annual tuition, what is the least and most aid a Trinity student will receive this year?

A – During the 2016-17 school year, all financial aid recipients received 60 percent of their demonstrated need. Some applicants received zero because they had no calculated need. The most anyone received in financial aid was 60 percent of the tuition because FACTS found them to have 100 percent need. Sixty percent is what we were able to provide for all levels of need.

Q – As members of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association, are there rules Trinity must follow about tuition, financial aid and scholarships?

A – Yes. The Kentucky High School Athletic Association, an organization we voluntarily belong to, has four rules that apply to tuition, financial aid and scholarships. First, we must use an agency approved by the KHSAA to determine financial need. Second, a student playing a KHSAA sport may not receive aid greater than their “demonstrated need.” Third, only an immediate family member may pay the student’s tuition. Finally, if a student playing a KHSAA sport receives a merit scholarship, the amount cannot exceed 25 percent of the tuition.

Q – Does the school comply with these rules

A – Yes. We comply with the KHSAA rules. FACTS is an agency approved by the KHSAA for determining financial need. No family receives more than their “demonstrated need.” Five times a year we state in writing to our families who can pay their son’s tuition if he wishes to play a KHSAA sport. Annually, every family signs a form stating that they know and agree to follow all our school rules, including the tuition-paying rule. The only merit scholarships we offer (ones that you can earn) are for exceptional performance on the Placement Test. The amount of the scholarship awarded is far below the 25-percent KHSAA threshold.

For more information, contact:
Larry Castagno

Larry Castagno

Phone: 502.736.2145

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