Basketball Teams


Row 1: Mgr. Dominic Bacigalupi, Walter Johnson, Dekaleb Thomas, Jacob King, Brendan King, Damon McClain, Lukas Burkman, Mgr. Zach Renfro
Row 2: Coach Bret Saxton, Trainer Bill Cubbage, Coach James Torra, Coach Chris Toth, Coach Mike Szabo, Coach Tyler Robertson, Coach Jerome Long, Coach Rodney Fields, Coach Jude Kawa
Row 3: Trainer Audrey Baricovic, Gabe Schmitt, Stan Turnier, Logan Rose, Christian Terry, LJ Harris, David Johnson, David Burton, Mgr. Tanner Demling
Row 1: Kamari Kenemore, Robbie Springfield, Kolton Rice, Matthew Ramser, Sam Weining, Walter Johnson, Will Joy
Row 2: Mgr. Josh Dobson, Assistant Coach Rodney Fields, Assistant Coach Tyler Robertson, Head Coach Chris Toth, Assistant Coach Melvin J. Long, Assistant Coach Jude Kawa, Mgr. Conner Stoll
Row 3: Luke Askin, David Johnson, Nick Johnson, Stan Turnier, Jamil Hardaway, Nathan Fieldhouse


Row 1: Myles Hines, Kolton Rice, Kamari Kenemore, Walter Johnson, Jared Bryant, Dillon Carson, Cian Callahan
Row 2: Mgr. Conner Stoll, Coach Chris Toth, Coach Rodney Fields, Head Coach Jude Kawa, Coach Tyler Robertson, Coach Melvin J. Long, Mgr. Josh Dobson
Row 3: Monterris Stevenson, Stan Turnier, David Johnson, Nick Johnson, Eric Harbrecht, Jamil Hardaway

Basketball Schedule

12/02/16FriPulaski CountyTHS7:30 PM
12/06/16TueBardstownBardstown7:30 PM
12/09/16FriSenecaTHS7:30 PM
12/10/16SatFern CreekFern Creek7:30 PM
12/13/16TueManualManual7:30 PM
12/15/16ThuKing of the BluegrassFairdaleTBD
12/26/16MonArby's ClassicBristol, TNTBD
01/03/17TueColllinsTHS7:30 PM
01/06/17FriSt. XBroadbent Arena7:30 PM
01/07/17SatNew Year's bash vs. MCHSMuhlenburg County6:00 PM
01/17/17TueOldham CountyOldham County8:00 PM
1/21/2017SatMooreTHS7:30 PM
1/24/2017TueHenry ClayHenry Clay8:00 PM
1/27/2017FriMadison CentralTHS7:30 PM
1/31/2017TueWaggenerWaggener7:30 PM
2/3/2017FriAthertonTHS7:30 PM
2/7/2017TueTaylor CountyTHS7:30 PM
2/10/2017FriLafayetteLafayette8:00 PM
2/14/2017TueDeSalesDeSales7:30 PM
2/17/2017FriCentralCentral7:30 PM
11/30/16WedWesternTHS6:30 PM
12/02/16FriPulaski CountyTHS6:00 PM
12/06/16TueBardstownBardstown6:00 PM
12/09/16FriSenecaTHS6:00 PM
12/10/16SatFern CreekFern Creek6:00 PM
12/13/16TueManualManual6:00 PM
12/20/16TueBullitt CentralTHS6:00 PM
01/03/17TueCollinsTHS6:00 PM
01/06/17FriSt. XBroadbent Arena6:00 PM
01/17/17TueOldham CountyOldham County6:30 PM
01/21/17SatMooreTHS6:00 PM
1/24/2017TueHenry ClayHenry Clay6:30 PM
1/27/2017FriMadison CentralTHS6:00 PM
1/31/2017TueWaggenerWaggener6:00 PM
2/1/2017WedBullitt EastBullitt East7:15 PM
2/3/2017FriAthertonTHS6:00 PM
2/7/2017TueTaylor CountyTHS6:00 PM
2/10/2017FriLafayetteLafayette6:30 PM
2/14/2017TueDeSalesDeSales6:00 PM
2/17/2017FriCentralCentral6:00 PM
11/30/16WedWesternTHS5:30 PM
12/09/16FriSenecaTHS4:30 PM
12/10/16SatFern CreekFern Creek4:30 PM
12/13/16TueManualManual4:30 PM
12/17/16SatSouth Laurel TournamentSouth LaurelTBA
12/20/16TueBullitt CentralTHS4:30 PM
12/27/16TueLexington CatholicLexington Catholic11:00 AM
12/30/16FriButler TournamentButlerTBA
01/03/17TueCollinsTHS4:30 PM
01/06/17FriSt. XBroadbent Arena4:30 PM
01/17/17TueOldham CountyOldham County5:00 PM
01/21/17SatMooreTHS4:30 PM
1/24/2017TueHenry ClayHenry Clay5:00 PM
1/27/2017FriMadison CentralTHS5:00 PM
1/28/2017SatBowling Green TournamentBowling GreenTBA
1/31/2017TueWaggenerWaggener4:30 PM
2/1/2017WedBullitt EastBullitt East6:00 PM
2/3/2017FriAthertonTHS4:30 PM
2/7/2017TueTaylor CountyTHS4:30 PM
2/10/2017FriLafayetteLafayette5:00 PM
2/14/2017TueDeSalesDeSales4:30 PM
2/17/2017FriCentralCentral4:30 PM
all-day Soccer Varsity @ St. Xavier
Soccer Varsity @ St. Xavier
Sep 28 – Sep 29 all-day
Soccer Varsity – St. Xavier
12:30 pm Soccer Freshman – St. Henry @ THS
Soccer Freshman – St. Henry @ THS
Oct 1 @ 12:30 pm – 12:30 pm
Soccer Freshman – St. Henry
2:00 pm Soccer Varsity – St. Henry @ THS
Soccer Varsity – St. Henry @ THS
Oct 1 @ 2:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Soccer Varsity – St. Henry
9:30 am Ice Hockey – Nugs @ Away
Ice Hockey – Nugs @ Away
Oct 2 @ 9:30 am – 9:30 am
Nugs – Away
12:30 pm Ice Hockey – Nugs @ Away
Ice Hockey – Nugs @ Away
Oct 2 @ 12:30 pm – 12:30 pm
Nugs – Away
5:30 pm Soccer JV – KCD @ THS
Soccer JV – KCD @ THS
Oct 5 @ 5:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Soccer JV – KCD
7:30 pm Soccer Varsity – KCD @ THS
Soccer Varsity – KCD @ THS
Oct 5 @ 7:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Soccer Varsity – KCD

Athletics News

Golf Team Headed to State

Congratulations to Head Coach Mike Brumfield H’13, moderator Chris Toth ’06, this year’s coaches and players, and the entire Trinity Golf Family. On Wednesday at Seneca Golf Course, the Golf Rocks earned region runners-up honors and qualified for the KHSAA... read more

Soccer Rocks Capture Bulldog Cup

Congratulations to the Varsity Soccer Rocks for bringing home the 2016 Male Bulldog Cup on Saturday, Sept. 24 by defeating North Oldham High School 4-1 in the final. The Varsity Rocks are now 10-0-3 on the season. The Soccer Rocks take on the Tigers of St. Xavier High... read more

Ice Rocks Rolling

The Trinity Ice Rocks had a successful home stand this weekend, sweeping the two-game series with the team from Lipscomb Academy of Nashville. In Saturday’s game, the team cruised to an 8-2 win, led by Senior Ben Huls, who had a hat trick. Senior Parker Robinson... read more

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