Trinity Basketball Enjoys Holiday Success

Congratulations to the 2016 King of the Bluegrass Champions and 2016 Arby’s Classic Champions!







Season Outlook

Head Coach: Mike Szabo, 16th season

2015/16 season recap:

Record of 29-7

7th Region Champion

Final ranking of #4 in state

2016/17 preview:

Strong senior class led by PG Jacob King, Stretch 4 David Burton, Wing Lukas Burkman and Post LJ Harris

Other key returning team members:  Senior Brendan King, Sophomore David Johnson, Sophomore Stan Turnier

Key newcomers: Junior, Jay Scrubb; Freshman, Justin Powell

The team will be pre-seasoned ranked anywhere from # 1 through #5 in the state in every survey

Trinity will play a very competitive schedule including games against top 20 schools Pulaski County, Fern Creek, Manual, Oldham County, Henry Clay, Madison Central, Lafayette and Central.

Regular season tournaments will include the King of the Bluegrass just before Christmas, the Arby’s Classic in Tennessee between Christmas and New Year’s and the LIT in January

The Basketball Rocks plan to make another strong run at the Sweet 16 and the KHSAA state championship held in March at Rupp Arena

Other schools that will be highly ranked in the pre-season are Ballard, Bowling Green, Covington Catholic, Fern Creek and Scott County

Click here to watch a TTV-produced season preview for the Basketball Rocks.

Basketball Teams


Row 1: Mgr. Jordan Flaspoehler, Kamari Kenemore, David Burton, Walter Johnson, Lukas Burkman., Brendan King, Jacob King, Damon McClain, Kolton Rice. Tanner Demling

Row 2: Trainer Audrey Baricovic, Coach Jude Kawa, Coach James Torra, Coach Chris Toth, Head Coach Mike Szabo, Coach Tyler Robertson, Strength Coach Mike Snyder, Coach Bret Saxton, Trainer Bill Cubbage

Row 3: Mgr. Jake Money, Justin Powell, LJ Harris, David Johnson, Nick Johnson, Jayden Scrubb, Logan Rose, Stan Turnier, Mgr. Zach Renfro




Row 1: Kyle Hennis, Robbie Springfield, Kamari Kenemore, Walter Johnson, Kolton Rice, Dillon Carson, Monterris Stevenson, Samuel Slaughter

Row 2: Creighton Thieneman, Mgr. Jake Money, Coach Jude Kawa, Head Coach Chris Toth, Coach Tyler Robertson, Mgr. Jordan Flaspoehler, Tyler Higdon

Row 3: Stan Turnier, Justin Powell, Nick Johnson, Sam Padgett, Jamil Hardaway


Row 1: Kyle McLaughlin, Kyle Hennis, Jay Gillispie, Nathan Saettel, Greg Gitschier

Row 2: Davis Crane, Mgr. Jordan Flaspoehler, Head Coach Tyler Robertson, Coach Chris Toth, Coach Jude Kawa, Andrew Rafferty

Row 3: Creighton Thieneman, Terrence McDaniels, Andrew Brian, Tyler Higdon, Samuel Slaughter

Basketball Schedule

12/02/16FriPulaski CountyTHS7:30 PMW 101-82
12/06/16TueBardstownBardstown7:30 PMW 76-54
12/09/16FriSenecaTHS7:30 PMW 83-46
12/10/16SatFern CreekFern Creek7:30 PML 61-65
12/13/16TueManualManual7:30 PMW 87-54
12/16/16FriCooperFairdale7:30 pmW 55-53
12/18/16SunFern CreekFairdale7:30 pmW 66-63
12/19/16MonCovington CatholicFairdale7:30 pmW 70-60
12/20/16TuesBerkmar (Georgia)Fairdale7:30 pmW 72-69
12/27/16TuesDobyns-BennettBristol, TN7:30 pmW 76-57
12/29/16ThurOakridge, TNBristol, TN6:30 pmW 68-62
12/30/16FriBufordBristol, TN7:00 pmW 69-66
12/31/16Sat.McCallieBristol, TN4:00pmW 69-50
01/03/17TueColllinsTHS7:30 PMW 67- 49
01/06/17FriSt. XBroadbent Arena7:30 PMW 61-50
01/07/17SatMuhlenberg CountyMuhlenburg County6:00 PMW 84-45
1/11/17WedSt. XValley8:15 pmW 72-57
1/13/17FriWaggenerValley7:00 pm
01/17/17TueOldham CountyOldham County8:00 PM
1/21/2017SatMooreTHS7:30 PM
1/24/2017TueHenry ClayHenry Clay8:00 PM
1/27/2017FriMadison CentralTHS7:30 PM
1/31/2017TueWaggenerWaggener7:30 PM
2/3/2017FriAthertonTHS7:30 PM
2/7/2017TueTaylor CountyTHS7:30 PM
2/10/2017FriLafayetteLafayette8:00 PM
2/14/2017TueDeSalesDeSales7:30 PM
2/17/2017FriCentralCentral7:30 PM
11/30/16WedWesternTHS6:30 PMW 57-24
12/02/16FriPulaski CountyTHS6:00 PMW 53-22
12/06/16TueBardstownBardstown6:00 PMW 43-41
12/09/16FriSenecaTHS6:00 PMW 60-33
12/10/16SatFern CreekFern Creek6:00 PML 49-66
12/13/16TueManualManual6:00 PMW 63-23
12/20/16TueBullitt CentralTHS6:00 PMW 54-44
01/03/17TueCollinsTHS6:00 PMW 66-41
01/06/17FriSt. XBroadbent Arena6:00 PMW 47-45
01/17/17TueOldham CountyOldham County6:30 PM
01/21/17SatMooreTHS6:00 PM
1/24/2017TueHenry ClayHenry Clay6:30 PM
1/27/2017FriMadison CentralTHS6:00 PM
1/31/2017TueWaggenerWaggener6:00 PM
2/1/2017WedBullitt EastBullitt East7:15 PM
2/3/2017FriAthertonTHS6:00 PM
2/7/2017TueTaylor CountyTHS6:00 PM
2/10/2017FriLafayetteLafayette6:30 PM
2/14/2017TueDeSalesDeSales6:00 PM
2/17/2017FriCentralCentral6:00 PM
11/30/16WedWesternTHS5:30 PMW 53-34
12/09/16FriSenecaTHS4:30 PMW 48-40
12/10/16SatFern CreekFern Creek4:30 PMW 63-35
12/13/16TueManualManual4:30 PMW 38-17
12/17/16SatNorth LaurelSouth LaurelTBAW 38-30
12/17/16SatHarlan CountySouth LaurelTBAW 49-19
12/17/16SatClay CountySouth LaurelTBAW 38-27
12/20/16TueBullitt CentralTHS4:30 PMW 38-27
12/27/16TueLexington CatholicLexington Catholic11:00 AML 35-37
12/30/16FriMooreButlerTBAL 33-40
12/31/16Sat.BardstownButlerTBAW 47-33
12/31/16Sat.North BullittButlerTBAW 48-34
12/31/16Sat.CollinsButlerTBAW 48-36
01/03/17TueCollinsTHS4:30 PM
01/06/17FriSt. XBroadbent Arena4:30 PMW 32-26
01/17/17TueOldham CountyOldham County5:00 PM
01/21/17SatMooreTHS4:30 PM
1/24/2017TueHenry ClayHenry Clay5:00 PM
1/27/2017FriMadison CentralTHS5:00 PM
1/28/2017SatBowling Green TournamentBowling GreenTBA
1/31/2017TueWaggenerWaggener4:30 PM
2/1/2017WedBullitt EastBullitt East6:00 PM
2/3/2017FriAthertonTHS4:30 PM
2/7/2017TueTaylor CountyTHS4:30 PM
2/10/2017FriLafayetteLafayette5:00 PM
2/14/2017TueDeSalesDeSales4:30 PM
2/17/2017FriCentralCentral4:30 PM
3:30 pm Bowling V – Fern Creek @ Ten Pin
Bowling V – Fern Creek @ Ten Pin
Jan 17 @ 3:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Fern Creek – Ten Pin
8:00 pm Basketball Varsity – Oldham County @ Oldham County
Basketball Varsity – Oldham County @ Oldham County
Jan 17 @ 8:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Basketball Varsity – Oldham County, @Oldham County
3:30 pm Bowling JV – Ballard @ Ten Pin
Bowling JV – Ballard @ Ten Pin
Jan 18 @ 3:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Ballard – Ten Pin
6:30 pm Swimming Varsity – Jeffersonville @ Jeffersonville
Swimming Varsity – Jeffersonville @ Jeffersonville
Jan 18 @ 6:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Swimming Varsity – Jeffersonville, Jeffersonville
all-day Archery – St. Gabriel Winter @ St. Gabriel
Archery – St. Gabriel Winter @ St. Gabriel
Jan 21 all-day
Archery – St. Gabriel Winter, @St. Gabriel
10:00 am Wrestling Varsity – Dragon Invite @ South Oldham
Wrestling Varsity – Dragon Invite @ South Oldham
Jan 21 @ 10:00 am – 10:00 am
Wrestling Varsity – Dragon Invite, South Oldham
2:00 pm Swimming Varsity – Mason Ohio @ Mason
Swimming Varsity – Mason Ohio @ Mason
Jan 21 @ 2:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Swimming Varsity – Mason Ohio, Mason
7:30 pm Basketball Varsity – Moore @ THS
Basketball Varsity – Moore @ THS
Jan 21 @ 7:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Basketball Varsity – Moore, @THS

Athletics News

Rocks Fall Just Short in LIT Final

The Trinity Basketball Rocks completed an impressive one-month run on Saturday evening at Valley High School with an overtime loss to the Fern Creek Tigers in the Louisville Invitational Tournament (LIT) championship game. The matchup saw the top two seeds in the...

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Basketball Rocks Enter the LIT on a Roll

The #1 state-ranked Trinity Basketball Rocks (15-1) enter the Louisville Invitational Tournament (LIT) with some big time “mojo.” Over the Christmas break, the team captured not one, but two nationally recognized holiday tournaments in winning the King of the...

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Football Championship Honored

At a school assembly on Tuesday, Jan. 10, the 2016 state champion Football Rocks were recognized for their accomplishments in what was a very special football season. The team's accomplishments included: a 15-0 record (the ninth in school history) state football...

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