Advent Reflection

Monday of the 1st Week of Advent – Dec. 4, 2017

IS 2:1-5, PS 122, MT 8:5-11.

Reflection by Michael Budniak H’11

As I sit in the quiet dark of a late evening reflecting on the Advent reading today, the continued image I am struck by is one of movement. Slow, processional movement toward the Light. Toward what is right and good and the lessons we need to learn as we walk. “I am not worthy to have you enter under my roof.” A powerful recognition of the completeness of just how incomplete we really are in our walk and how much we need the guidance and the goodness that is over us all the time to keep us on something like a decent path.

I think about the world of changes in my own life since this time last year. How that path I am walking has taken turns and drop-offs and roller coaster twists, spins and loops with me hanging on for the ride. Sometimes exhilarating. Sometimes terrifying. Sometimes with a wind that comes close to ripping my head clean off. But I am moving. Not a stately procession in a straight line. Not by a long shot. With movement comes change, in surroundings as well as being. Having the faith to trust that this is alright and going to be alright isn’t easy for me. But it’s what I need to remember. And I am moving forward. Toward the Light….

“Lord, please watch over me as I walk this path you have set me on, knowing that all the unexpected changes are still a part of a way to ultimately finding you…”

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