Environmental Justice Trip

Advanced sophomores in Mr. Amick’s science class ventured on a field trip this past Wednesday, on which they took an environmental justice guided bus tour of the West End, Rubbertown, Lake Dreamland and other destinations. The trip was led by Mr. Tim Darst of the Passionate Earth and Spirit Center.

The students were given a pre-assignment to read and write a report back on their choice of seven recent articles from Insider Louisville, WFPL or the Courier-Journal.

During the trip, they compiled guided notes and a survey.

Afterward, students used the library media center to work in groups, preparing unique presentations on a topic of their choice from a lengthy list. The list included more science-related topics such as Superfund sites, the Clean Air Act, coal ash or dioxins, and also contained broader social topics, such as red-lining, the 9th St. Divide, food deserts, etc.

Finally, the groups presented their presentations in a 5-10 minute format for class.

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