House Carol Contest

As part of the House System, the Principal occasionally selects a “challenge” for House members to solve. Here are the rules for this semester’s challenge, along with links to some of the winners:

2017 Principal’s Challenge:

Christmas Carol Contest 


1. Each House will sing a Christmas carol. (No medleys are allowed.)

2. The carol should last between 2-4 minutes.

3. Carols may be sacred or secular.

4. Musical accompaniment is allowed. Recorded accompaniment must not include vocals.

5. At least 5 House members must participate. Adult House members are encouraged to participate. (Students should make up the majority of the participants.)

6. All entries must be recorded using a video camera, cell phone or some other type of video recording device.

7. All entries must be uploaded to OneDrive and shared with Mr. Zoeller and Mr. Klein.

8. The deadline to submit entries is Monday, Dec. 11 by 3 p.m.

Criteria for Judging:

Vocal Quality and Musicality: 60%

Vocal control, singing tone, enunciation

Interpretation, harmony, blending and dynamics

Showmanship: 30%

Song choice, on-camera presence, costume and choreography

Five or more house members participating

Video: 10%

Clarity and quality of video

Video uploaded correctly and on time

Extra points! Houses earn 5 (five) extra points if they film the entire House signing the Christmas carol. Houses might plan to film themselves singing at their November/December House meetings.

Mr. Zoeller and staff members will judge the entries.

Gonzaga House 

Toussaint House 

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