Puerto Rico Updates

Chad Waggoner and Maria Martin are sending updates regarding their ongoing mission trip to Puerto Rico.

Thursday, Oct. 26:

This morning we met Rita Castro. Her house is gone. She still has a basement but half of it is uncovered because the floor above went away. Her main living area has just one wall left and some of the floors.

She shared that where once was a room where she would say her prayers (nothing there now but a plastic lawn chair) is now better because there are no walls between her and God. We asked her to sit in her chair so we could get a photo of her. And then she went into her prayer. Looking up. All in Spanish. Maria translated. She thanked God. She thanked God for her life. She thanked Him for the angels that brought her flashlights. She thanked Him for giving her a good heart that has no anger. It was all thanks. She has nothing and she was giving thanks. Isabella Maria and I wept. 

We asked her how does she know God is listening…She said because my heart is at peace. 

Friday, Oct. 27:

Trinity is making a difference for the people of Puerto Rico. We are in the village of Sonadora Sector Los Reyes (outside of Guaynabo) which is in the mountains of Puerto Rico. FEMA has not had a chance yet to get to this portion of Puerto Rico and the eye of the hurricane crashed over the village. Where we made a base of operations there were five houses. Only one was not destroyed, yet it suffered damage. The other four were crushed. Therefore multiple families are living in the one house. 

The leader of the neighborhood was a mother of two. Yadira Reyes is a strong dynamic woman. When we asked her how she found her strength, she shared it came from being a mother. She has to have hope so her kids have hope.

The spirit of Puerto Rico is inspiring. 

Thank you for your prayerful support of this trip.

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