Science Fair Gratitude

Principal Dan Zoeller H’07 received a very nice “thank you” message from Trinity alumnus and St. Francis of Assisi teacher Mr. Fred Whittaker (Class of 1981). We are proud to take part in their science fair each year: 

Dear Dan,

I wanted to thank you and the staff at Trinity High School for arranging once again to be a part of the science fair at St. Francis of Assisi. Mike Budniak, Mark Amick, and Marlon Francis truly went above and beyond all expectations in their efforts to provide judges, guidance, inspiration and support to my students and program. Because they bring not just brilliant minds, but their big hearts as well, the students and staff from Trinity have become an integral part of the dynamic of my fair and thus, this year, as in years past, I feel I must write to make certain that everyone knows how deeply grateful we are for their presence and participation.

Independent research at our fair has always been about much more than science. It is my hope that the experience can cause each of my students to stretch into new understandings about who they are called to be, not just in the world of science, but in the world of their faith. To that end, having individuals who can simultaneously reflect Christ while they are also engaged in the art of education is a treasure. Mr. Budniak, Mr. Amick, Mr. Francis and all who visit from Trinity each year do this in abundance. In every interaction with my junior scientists, your students proved to be powerful examples of why Catholic education matters. Your students and teachers inherently understand the opportunity they have to be examples of leadership that is is at once compassionate, powerful and wise. In the way that they paid attention to my researchers, questioned their data and methods and became sincerely enthusiastic and excited about their successes and discoveries, my students felt profoundly respected, dignified and celebrated by yours. Nothing is as powerful as being caught in a spotlight shined upon you by a high school student and no spotlight shines so bright as the ones the Shamrock science team creates for us. Your young men and staff are wonderfully aware of the great power that they have. That they use it to uplift and celebrate my students, that they find strength in inspiring those who look up to them, defines the very core of Catholic leadership. Once again, Trinity High School finds itself on the cutting edge of creating the types of young men who understand what it means to be truly strong. It is no wonder why your institution remains a model to all who wish to create educational excellence.

At St. Francis, we try to underscore all we do with an awareness of what Christ calls us to be and do for one another. This modeling of the values which define our Gospel’s greatest news is part of what allows Catholic education to shine with such a brilliant light. It is clear to me that this same mission is being achieved, in abundance, at Trinity High School.

Thanks again for another amazing year. Please know that my entire Parish is very aware of the gift which the presence of your school brings to us and to the community. The inspiration, excitement and kindness which your team provides for all of us each year is truly a treasure and a blessing.

In gratitude,

Fred Whittaker

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