Speech Team Update

The Speech and Debate team is picking up momentum with each tournament. On Oct. 21, the team traveled to Larry A. Ryle High School for competition.

Junior Mark Hughes was the undefeated top seed in prelims of Varsity Lincoln Douglas before dropping a 2-1 decision in semis. He placed third overall.

For the second week in a row, sophomore Preston Romanov placed eighth in Congressional Debate and senior Cooper Winrich was named TOURNAMENT CHAMPION.

With help from freshman debaters Riley Moremen and Ben Rhee, and sophomore debaters Herchel Davis, Walker Evans, Markus Puhakka and Ben Taylor, the team won third place overall in debate sweepstakes.


(Pictured from left to right … BACK ROW: Amy Zuccaro, Ben Rhee, Walker Evans, Porter Hunt, Mark Hughes;   FRONT ROW: Riley Moremen, Markus Puhakka, Charlie Thegreat, Gus Boyer, Herchel Davis, Preston Romanov, Brian Bowles.)

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