M.C. Grammar and Writing Skills Workshop

Grades 8-9

July 23 – 27                          9 – 11 a.m.

Registration is limited.

Cost: $100

Note: Please make check payable to Missy Clay and send or drop off to Trinity High School.

Trinity’s grammar enrichment camp is a one-week program emphasizing basic parts of speech, sentence patterns, phrases and clauses.  Special attention will be paid to correct use of punctuation and verb tenses.  Additionally, writing skills will be addressed.

Contact Ms. Missy Clay at 897-0624 or clay@trinityrocks.com for more information.

For additional information, contact

Ms. Missy Clay
Phone: 502.897.0624
Email: clay@thsrock.net

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We the undersigned hereby specifically waive and give up and release all camp staff members and Trinity High School from any and all claims and liabilities, present or future, resulting from any camp related activities, or drills. We the undersigned also waive and give up and release all camp staff members and Trinity High School from any and all claims and liabilities, present or future resulting from any injury or illness which may be sustained or contracted while attending the camp.

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