Student Athletes & the NCAA

Selecting the Right College

When you visit, you should get answers to as many of the following questions as possible.

  • Is the school fully accredited?
  • Does the school offer the major you want?
  • Are your grades adequate for admission?
  • Does your high school counselor believe you can handle the curriculum?
  • Is the scholarship guaranteed for 4 years or can the school terminate it at any time?
  • If you are injured, will you be able to keep the scholarship?
  • How much will your schooling cost in addition to the scholarship?
  • If you must work to earn additional money, will you receive any help in getting a job?
  • Are loans any part of the package of financial aid?
  • Will the athletic department pay for a tutor?
  • Can you afford to travel home during vacations, and can your family afford to travel to the school to see you play?
  • Would you like to play for the current head coach?
  • Do most of the former athletes who played for this coach have their degrees? (You can ask for a graduation rate report.)
  • Does your high school coach believe that you would fit into the college’s program?
  • Is the school the kind of place you’d like to spend the next 4-5 years?
  • Has anyone attempted to encourage you to accept anything you know will be illegal under NCAA guidelines?
  • Has the importance of your being a student and earning a degree been emphasized? (One major injury can end your athletic career but an education lasts a lifetime.

For registering with the NCAA Eligibility Center go here.  This is for prospective college athletes in NCAA Division I & II schools only.

We suggest you register with them (i.e. follow the directions on their website) only after your junior year at Trinity is complete.  There will be two sheets to download, one for a preliminary registration and one requesting your final high school transcript after graduation.  You (and your parents) will need to sign these sheets and bring them in to your College Counselor here at Trinity.  We will take it from there, making sure to get your records to the Clearinghouse Eligibility Center in Indianapolis as soon as possible.

And for those of you who are shooting for the stars, keep shooting, but at the same time, realize the hard facts below (for football, but applicable for other disciplines):

There are 107 Division I football schools. Each gets 85 scholarships. That’s 9095 total scholarships for Division I schools nationally.  6955 of them are taken up by returning players. That leaves 2140 available scholarships for more than one million high school senior football players. 

Out of approximately one million high school senior varsity football players in the country … 150 will make NFL rosters in the end. 

The odds are 6000 to 1. 

For every 1223 high school senior football players, 44 will become major college players and exactly one will make an NFL roster.


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