Intramural leagues are all about friendly competition and having fun. You can compete for your House or just do it for kicks. Regardless, they’re a great way to get active and hang with your Trinity brothers.

Intramural leagues

For more information, contact:
Matt Manning

Matt Manning

Phone: 502.736.2163

Student News


Are you someone who loves a challenge and using creative solutions to design, program and build things? If you would like to experience what it’s like to gain hands-on experience with student engineers, then the Engineers of Tomorrow program might be for you....

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Student Affairs Reminders

Students are encouraged to begin cleaning out their lockers before the last day of final exams. Any items left in lockers after May 26 will be thrown away. We must begin our annual cleaning and repair of all lockers the following week. Student ID cards are the...

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Book Fair

It’s almost summer which means it’s time for students and families to start thinking about required summer reading. Please join Library Media Specialists Mr. Tim Jones and Ms. Betsy deGolian in the W. Peter Flaig Library Media Center for the inaugural Summer Reading...

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