Intramural leagues are all about friendly competition and having fun. You can compete for your House or just do it for kicks. Regardless, they’re a great way to get active and hang with your Trinity brothers.

Intramural leagues

For more information, contact:
Matt Manning

Matt Manning

Phone: 502.736.2163

Student News

Scholly Dollars

Seniors: do you like money? Do you enjoy eating things like food? Perhaps you like driving your car and would like to be able to continue putting gas in your vehicle? If you've been writing scholarship essays without having Mr. Greenwell take a look before you submit...

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Freshman Tree Giveaway March 27

On Monday, March 27, we will hold the second Freshman Character Talk. Part of that assembly will comprise a group called Trees Louisville; they are giving all Trinity freshmen the opportunity to take a tree and plant it as part of their 10,000 tree giveaway. Students...

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Casual Dress March 28

Tuesday, March 28 will be a casual dress day. Any student wishing to dress down must pay $1. All money collected will be donated to Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl Collection. This is a Lenten drive that helps famine, impoverished, war-torn, and disaster areas...

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