Ultimate Uno

The Ultimate Uno Club is open to students of all grades looking for a chance to test their skills at the ultimate card game in a fun environment with friends new and old.

Games are played one day every other week after school in the DVD studio. Faculty members are regulars too. Ever wanted to skip your English teacher? Here’s your chance.

For more information, contact:
Daniel Zoeller

Daniel Zoeller

Email: zoeller@thsrock.net
Phone: 502.736.2103

Student News

WWII: The Western Front & the Holocaust Tour

Are you ready to make meaningful real-life connections with the events of D-Day, the assault operations of 101st Airborne Division and the atrocities of the Holocaust? Come step back into history with Ms. Darby and your Trinity brothers. In June 2019, Trinity students...

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ESPN White-Out Shirts

ESPN White-Out Shirts will go on sale to students during lunches in the cafeteria starting Friday, Aug. 17. Make sure to be a part of this fantastic opportunity to showcase our student body! Cost: $5.00 Cash Only.

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Freshman Academic Convocation

All freshmen and their parents are required to attend the annual Freshman Academic Convocation to be held in Steinhauser Gymnasium (our big gym) on Thursday, Aug. 16 at 7 p.m. Freshmen are asked to wear a coat and tie. Students should report to the Alumni Hall...

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