Below you will find steps for the completion of tasks prior to the beginning of the school year and complete instructions on setting up and using your PowerSchool Parent Account. Click the PowerSchool logo below to go to the PowerSchool login page.

Parent PowerSchool Online To-Do List For The Beginning of the  School Year

  1. Create your new Parent PowerSchool Account if needed, if you already have your PowerSchool Parent Account move on to step two.
  2. Print your son’s schedule and booklist for Book Day and book sales or bring an electronic device that can access your account.
  3. Under the “Forms” option in the PowerSchool Navigation check and complete the Demographics Form, completion date August 1.
  4. Under the “Forms” option in the PowerSchool Navigation read and verify agreement with the House Activities Permission Form, complete by August 14.
  5. Read and verify agreement with the Student Manual Agreement Form, due by August 14.
  6. Establish contact preferences for school closures, emergencies and other communication needs, see complete instructions for completing this section here.
  7. Under the “Trinity Links” drop down menu read and join Family Promise (optional).

Everyone must complete these forms through their PowerSchool accounts.  New information is being collected for our new emergency notification system Alert Solutions.  If this information isn’t provided prior to Book Day, you will have an additional step in the Book Day process to complete these forms.

PowerSchool Parent Account

Parents must have a parent/guardian account setup for PowerSchool.  For those parents that haven’t created a PowerSchool account, instructions are below.

Parents must create a parent/guardian account with username and password information provided in the July mailing for all students enrolled at Trinity. The Access ID and Password are used to associate the student with you as the parent/guardian. Your sons should access PowerSchool using the student Access ID and Password provided in the mailing. They should not be accessing PowerSchool utilizing the parent/guardian access. Please follow the steps below to create your PowerSchool account. Google Chrome is a preferred browser for PowerSchool, you may not have full functionality using Internet Explorer.

You may download Chrome from https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/index.html if needed.

If you prefer, a video is provided below demonstrating the creation of a parent account.



    1. Click on the “Launch PowerSchool” link below. This will open the PowerSchool login page in a new window or tab.


    1. Click on the “Create Account” tab and then the Create Account button in the lower right hand portion of the screen.


    1. Use the following table to enter information in the Create Parent/Guardian Account section:
      Field Description
      First Name Enter your first name
      Last Name Enter your last name
      Email Address Enter your email address. The email address you enter is used to send you student reports, as well as account recovery notices and account change confirmations.
      Desired Username Your username is your unique PowerSchool identity. Create your own username.
      Password Create your own password.  Your password must be at least six characters long.


    2. Use the following table to enter information in Link Students to Account section.  Complete a section for each student you want to link to your account.  You will need the Access ID and Password for each student you want to add.
      Field Description
      Student Name First and Last name of the student you want to add to your account.
      Access ID Enter the unique access username provided in your July letter for the student.
      Access Password Enter the access password provided in the July letter for the student. Note: Passwords are case sensitvie
      Relationship Indicate how you are related to the student.


    1. Once all students are entered, click Enter and the login page will appear.


  1. Enter your username and password, then click on submit to login into your account.

After logging in you will see the main screen. Across the top you will see tabs for each of your sons linked to your account. The left navigation icons provide links to information about current classes, grades, attendance, forms to maintain, account preferences and more. Clicking on Account Preferences tab brings you to a profile screen where you can update your email, passwords, or update the students associated with your account.

Create a parent account video demonstration


Schedule and Book List

To print your son’s schedule and booklist, log in to your PowerSchool account and find the drop down menu called Trinity Links on the left side of the page. From the menu choose Student Schedule. In addition to course name, period, teacher name, and room information this schedule contains textbook information and ISBN numbers for each course.

Demographics Form

To complete the Demographics Form click on the Forms link again at the left side of the home page. Choose the District Forms tab. Select Demographics Form from the list of available forms. Check all information carefully for errors, misspellings, and omissions. All required fields (marked with an asterisk) must be completed and you must click Submit when finished.

Note: Parents of freshman must use the “Freshman Demographics Form” while everyone else uses the “Demographics Form – Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores”. Parents who fail to complete this form will be required to do so during Book Day.

House Activities Permission Form

From the available Forms menu, choose House Activities Permission Form. Read and check the Agree checkbox to agree to terms and conditions of house activity involvement.

Student/Parent Manual and Planner

The Trinity Student/Parent Manual and Planner is available online on the school website trinityrocks.com under the Academics tab. Parents must read and agree to school policies including Code of Conduct, Acceptable-use Policy for Information technology, Photo/Video Release and Alcohol and Drug Testing. The School Policies Agreement Form can be found using the Forms link. Parents must check the Agree check box and submit.

Family Promise

Family Promise is an optional program. The description of Family Promise, instructions to join, and the listing of Trinity families which have chosen to participate in Family Promise can be found using the Trinity Links menu.

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