Trinity Bus Service

Trinity Bus Service

Trinity is proud to partner with Miller Transportation to offer an alternative method of safe and reliable round-trip transportation for your son each day.   If you have questions about this service please contact Mr. James Torra at 736-2120 or


Proposed Bus Routes 2018-19

Below are the two proposed bus routes for the 2018-19 school year.  If you are interested in participating in this service, please fill out the online bus registration below before May 15.  Final routes will be set in mid-June based on those who register for the service and rider participation at each stop. To secure your son’s spot please send payment to the Trinity Business Office before July 15Checks must include your son’s name, student ID, and “Bus Service” in the memo.   Questions?  Contact Mr. James Torra at 736-2120 or




Bus #1





6:35 4:35 Shelbyville Rd. Walmart 

(Middletown shopping center)

6:42 4:25 Old Henry Exit off Gene Snyder




a.m. pick-up location

p.m. pick-up location

6:52 4:15 Kroger LaGrange Road  


7:05 4:05 Norton Commons YMCA
7:15 3:55 Prospect Kroger
7:25 3:45 First pull-off on US HWY 42 past Lime Kiln Lane

Holiday Manor Walgreens

a.m. pick-up location


p.m. drop-off location





Bus #2





6:30 4:37 Dixie Highway/Gene Snyder Exit

(Planet Fitness in Valley Station)


6:50 4:17 Fern Creek Kroger
7:03 4:04 Taylorsville Rd Kroger Shopping Center

(behind McDonalds)



7:18 3:49 N. Hurstbourne/Dorsey Lane

(UPS Air Group Parking Lot)

7:22 3:45 Springhurst Area

(Kroger Shopping Center at Westport Rd. and Hurstbourne Lane)

Register for the service using the online application below before May 15.  Payment is due before July 15 to secure your son’s spot.

For additional information, please contact:

James Torra

James Torra

Phone: 736-2120

Bus Registration

Rider First Name:*
Rider Last Name:*
Student ID: *

Special Note - incoming families may use

2022 for their son's ID if unsure

Grade in fall:*
Parent First Name:*
Parent Last Name:*

Emergency Telephone Numbers for Parent/Guardian

Emergency Contact 1:*
Emergency Contact Number:*

Select Bus Information:

Select Bus #:*
Select stop:

Parent Agreement:


Parent Agreement Form 2018-19

I, the parent/guardian request that Trinity High School make arrangements with Miller Transportation to provide bus service to/from Trinity High School for the 2018-19 school year.

In consideration for making arrangements for this service by Trinity High School, I hereby release and save harmless Trinity High School and any and all employees of the school from any liability for any injuries, loss, or other claims arising out of or resulting from this service. The undersigned parent/guardian agrees to accept all responsibility for the risks, conditions, and hazards, which may occur whether or not they are now known. By signing this acknowledgement and assumption of risk and the release as the parent/guardian, I am consenting to my son’s participation and acknowledge that I understand any and all risk, whether known or unknown, is expressly assumed by me and all claims, whether known or unknown, are expressly waived in advance.

I understand and accept the following conditions of using this service:

  1. Trinity High School is making arrangements for this service as a courtesy to parents; Trinity High School assumes no responsibility or liability for the transportation of students.
  2. A bus rate of $750 for the 2018-19 school year per student will be paid. This fee is non-refundable.
  3. A one-way trip charge is not offered. The cost includes trips to and from school each day that school is in session. Accommodations will be made by the bus company for early dismissals or late openings.
  4. All rules and policies as specified in the Code of Conduct will be expected to be followed while on the bus.
  5. If there is enough interest, additional stops or another route may be added to meet needs of our riders. Final details of the bus route will be shared in mid June.
Name of Party in Agreement:*
Word Confirmation:


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