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Every doctoral thesis has a backstory, and mine begins at age 16 at Trinity High School, when a group of students from Seville, Spain visited as part of an exchange program. As circumstances would have it, I became fast friends with many in the group, and, to my enormous delight, I was given the opportunity to reciprocate the exchange by visiting Seville in the summer of 2010. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Dan Zoeller, Maria Martin, Don Switzer, and especially the late Pilar Nordmann for providing me with this life-changing experience. Over the past 11 years, since our first meeting, I have become exceptional friends with my host brother, Manuel Fernandez Ponce, whose humor, openness, and comradery continue to make me feel at ease and at home. To Maria, Fernando, Reyes, and Lola, thank you for opening your home time and again, and for your steadfast support and friendship. And to Carlos Pagola Correa, Carlos Lopez Casado, and Andres Membrillo, thank you for many years of friendship.

Parker Lawson '11

Argentina Exchange Program

Trinity has an exchange each year with Colegio Santa Ethnea, a co-ed college preparatory secondary school sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas in Bella Vista, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Trinity has an exchange each year with Kinsale Community,  Kinsale is a co-ed school, roughly the size of Trinity with Catholic roots and a strong commitment to STEM education. 


Each June, several Trinity Students travel to China for two weeks. They visit Beijing and 2-3 other cities

Costa Rica

In late May and early June each year, a team of student scientists from Trinity participate in the Seeds of Change Program in Costa Rica.


Every other school year, Trinity organizes a European tour of World War II and Holocaust sites.


In the summer of 2019, Trinity students went on a mission trip to the Cherangany District, Kenya.


This June, over 30 Trinity students will be traveling to Japan. The students will be visiting Tokyo, Kamakura, Mt. Fuji, Hakone, Kyoto and its Bamboo Forest, Hiroshima and Osaka.

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International Travel News

An Update from the Archdiocese on the Coronavirus

An Update from the Archdiocese on the Coronavirus

Archdiocese of Louisville Catholic Schools Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update March 9, 2020 As of this morning, four (4) cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) have been confirmed in Kentucky with one (1) of those cases in Jefferson County. The state of Kentucky has a web page...

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Trinity’s Argentinian Exchange Students Arrive on Campus!

Trinity’s Argentinian Exchange Students Arrive on Campus!

Began in the 2016-17 school year, the Trinity Argentinian Exchange program has become a major success! Argentinian students from Colegio Santa Ethnea visit Trinity in February (their summer break) and each student stays with a host family from Trinity. Normally five...

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Rocks Traveling to Japan

Rocks Traveling to Japan

In June 2020, 36 Trinity students will be traveling to Japan. The Rocks will be accompanied by parents and Trinity chaperones, led by Mr. Benjamin Sobczyk. "I'm super excited to get our kids abroad and studying the world!" Japan has had many identities through the...

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Trinity News

New “Test-to-Stay” Option Can Reduce Quarantine

New “Test-to-Stay” Option Can Reduce Quarantine

On Monday, October 18, Trinity will adopt the Metro Health Department’s “test-to-stay” rules for those who are Covid-19 direct contacts. The rules state the exposure must have happened at school. Community exposure, including that occurring at home and from...

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