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Trinity’s Educational Travel Program

2022 to 2026


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Trinity offers numerous opportunities for students to broaden their horizons by learning while traveling both internationally and domestically. These travel programs include tourism-style trips, community service trips, and learn-by-doing trips.

From interacting with the unique and diverse life found on the Galapagos Islands to visiting historic sites of the Roman Empire, ancient Greece and the wonders of Egypt to traveling to locations in central and northern Italy that shaped the foundation of the Catholic Church including Vatican City, Trinity’s study abroad program provides once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for our students.

Please see below destinations of and schedules for trips we have planned. We hope you join us!

Trinity’s Travel Abroad

These trips allow students to see the world but do not offer any additional classroom credit.

2023 2024 2025 2026

Japan: Students will visit several historical and cultural sites that will help them develop an understanding of the nation of the Rising Sun. While in Japan students will visit some of the world’s most ancient sites, explore Japan’s role during WWII, and gain an understanding of Japan today. Additionally, students will be introduced to Buddhism and Shintoism.


Ecuador and Galapagos Islands:

Students will interact with the unique and diverse life found on the Galapagos Islands while also learning about Ecuador’s historic and rich culture. Language-based experiences and personal practice in a primarily Spanish-speaking country.

Rome, Greece, & Egypt: Students will travel to three of the classical societies that developed and influenced Western Civilization. The trip will include visits to the historic sites of the Roman empire, ancient Greece, and the wonders of Egypt. This trip includes stops at the Roman Coliseum, the Acropolis in Athens, and the Great Pyramids in Giza.


Belize: This trip will provide a service-learning project in which students will build a functional home from the ground up for a family who does not have one. A strong cultural study will be developed during the service project while also giving students a chance to tour parts of the country including the beautiful Caribbean and offshore environment.

Eastern Europe: Students will investigate how the Nazis rose to power and influence to annihilate targeted groups. Stops on this tour include the Warsaw ghetto, Auschwitz, Schindler’s factory, historic Krakow, Prague’s Jewish quarter, Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest & the Berghoff. In Nuremberg, students will visit the Nazi rally grounds and stand in the courtroom where the Nazi Party fell.  


Italian Spiritual Pilgrimage: On this spiritual trip students will visit the locations upon which the Catholic Church built the foundations of the Faith. Students will travel to central and northern Italy including Vatican City. Students will also get to experience Italian culture, from seeing the historic art to tasting the finest cuisine.

South Africa: This travel abroad opportunity will offer students a chance to take a safari, seeing some of the world’s most exotic animals in their natural habitat while also seeing the beauty of South Africa. Additionally, students will research the historic journey of Nelson Mandela and his role in healing South Africa after apartheid.


Western Europe: Students on this trip will have the chance to visit some of the historic sites found in Western Europe. Sites to be announced.

Trinity’s Classroom Travel Credit Program:

These trips are offered annually and provide students with a classroom setting in which they receive additional credits toward their graduation.


Costa Rica

The US Civil War

Students accepted to this program are part of our Argentina student exchange program. Students will spend four weeks of study at Colegio Santa Ethnea, a co-ed secondary school in Bella Vista, Buenos Aires. Students live with a host family while attending classes. This is a completely Spanish speaking immersive experience; therefore, students who take part in the exchange must be taking a Spanish class during the school year in which they apply.

Students will spend 10 days collaborating and conducting research under the direction of University of Costa Rica professors. The Seeds of Change Tropical Rainforest Program allows students to experience hands-on, field-based, methodologies. Students get to take advantage of the immense biodiversity while planning, conducting, and presenting STEM-based projects. The final two days are spent along the coast working on turtle conservation.

This classroom credit program alternates each year from the Eastern Front to the Western Front. Students will travel on bus to seven to nine battlefields (depending on which front is covered), learn from National Park Rangers, and get an understanding of the two different campaigns during the American Civil War. Students have papers, quizzes, and readings to complete during the trip. Trips are eight days long. Parents are welcomed to join the class.

Trinity to Washington, D.C. Travel Opportunities

These are trips to our nation’s capital.

March for Life (Yearly)

Presidential Inauguration

A two-day trip limited to seniors only. Seniors who partake in this trip travel to Washington, D.C. to promote awareness of the life and dignity of the human person. 

This quadrennial trip does not celebrate any political party but rather studies the process by which our Presidents are elected. During this three-day trip students will be present for the Inauguration and visit the historic sites and museums in and around the D.C. area.



Every doctoral thesis has a backstory, and mine begins at age 16 at Trinity High School, when a group of students from Seville, Spain visited as part of an exchange program. As circumstances would have it, I became fast friends with many in the group, and, to my enormous delight, I was given the opportunity to reciprocate the exchange by visiting Seville in the summer of 2010. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Dan Zoeller, Maria Martin, Don Switzer, and especially the late Pilar Nordmann for providing me with this life-changing experience. Over the past 11 years, since our first meeting, I have become exceptional friends with my host brother, Manuel Fernandez Ponce, whose humor, openness, and comradery continue to make me feel at ease and at home. To Maria, Fernando, Reyes, and Lola, thank you for opening your home time and again, and for your steadfast support and friendship. And to Carlos Pagola Correa, Carlos Lopez Casado, and Andres Membrillo, thank you for many years of friendship.

Parker Lawson '11

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