Catholic Mission

Community Of Faith

Trinity is a comfortable feeling. It’s a lifetime of brotherhood. It’s the cultivation of talent. It’s inspiration to be a compassionate person. It’s fun and enthusiasm for learning. It’s words of encouragement. It’s the gateway to adulthood. It’s a second home.

Campus Ministry

The Catholic spirit at Trinity is abundant. Touring the campus, you get an immediate sense of the important role Catholicism has in a Trinity education.

Prayer & Worship

From the classroom to special events, prayer and worship are incorporated into everyday life at Trinity.

Religious Instruction

A Trinity education is based on the US Catholic Bishops’ recommended curriculum for a catholic school. Religion courses are required all four years.


Trinity is committed to the Catholic values of compassion & personal responsibility; students have a service requirement as part of their Theology classes.


Your experience at Trinity High School includes participation in a four-year retreat program, to help you learn about and grow in your relationships with family, friends and God.

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