Prayer & Worship

From the classroom to special events, prayer and worship are incorporated into everyday life at Trinity. For example:

  • Daily prayer takes place over the school’s in-house close circuit televisions system (TTV)
  • Prayer takes place before all school meetings, athletic events, monthly House meetings
  • Each class has its own liturgy and/or prayer service
  • The entire school community gathers for worship and prayer throughout the year
  • Daily Mass is held in the school’s chapel
  • Monthly Monday Mass during Advising Period – open to any students
  • Monthly Masses for teams; Faith and Character formation infused into all sports programs
  • A special Baccalaureate Mass is held for graduating seniors
  • A special Mass, including inauguration of newly-elected class officers, is held for juniors in May
  • Worship teams are formed with faith-filled adults and students
  • A special Mother-Son Mass is held each spring

Worship Dates 2019-20:

  • Aug. 15 Feast of the Assumption. Mass at 7:20 only (Chapel)
  • Aug. 23 Opening Mass (Steinhauser Gym)
  • Sept. 8 Grandparents Mass 10 a.m. (Convocation Hall)
  • Sept. 30 Monthly Monday Mass (Chapel)
  • Oct. 28 Monthly Monday Mass (Chapel)
  • Nov. 1 All Saints Day. Mass at 2:15 p.m. (Chapel)
  • Nov. 26 Thanksgiving Mass (all school), Assembly B Schedule (Steinhauser Gym)
  • Dec. 2 Monthly Monday Mass (Chapel)
  • Jan. 28 Catholic Schools Week Mass (Location TBA)
  • Feb. NO Monthly Monday Mass
  • Feb. 26 Ash Wednesday. Prayer Service over TTV during 1st Block
  • Feb. 27 Mass with Archbishop 8 a.m. (Steinhauser Gym)
  • April 19 Mother Son Mass 10 a.m. (Steinhauser Gym)
  • May 6 Junior Class Mass 7 p.m. (Steinhauser Gym)
  • May 16 Baccalaureate Mass 5 p.m. (Steinhauser Gym)
  • TBD Freshman and Sophomore Class Masses (Convocation Hall)

Opening Mass Highlights

Stay tuned for highlights from the 2019-20 Opening Mass!

For additional information contact:
Mary Emrich

Mary Emrich

Phone: 502.736.2134

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