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Placement Test

The Placement Test is the first formal step in the admissions process. It’s a nationally standardized test that is given to all the Catholic high schools in Louisville and it is required for admission to Trinity High School.  

Only eighth-graders are permitted to take the test, and you are encouraged to give your very best effort.


High School Placement Test – Trinity will a make-up Placement Test on Sat., Jan. 9 at 9 a.m.  The test will occur online via the High School Placement Test (HSPT) website, last approximately 60 minutes, and contain two sections.  Information and instructions will be shared before and on the testing day via email.

It is very important for families to pre-register before Thursday, Jan. 7 for the test so information and instructions can be shared.  You can pre-register your son by completing the form below.  

  • Special Note – If your son has requested and been approved for accommodations, he can take the test remotely online with extra time, or at Trinity on Jan. 9 with extra time and assistance.  Please contact Jennifer Browning at 502-736-8276 or so arrangements can be made.
  • Special Note – If your son does not have reliable access to the internet or an electronic device on which to take the test online, please contact James Torra at 502-736-2120 or so arrangements can be made.

Please pre-register your son for the test before Thursday, Jan. 7 so we can share login information and instructions for the online test via email.  Simply fill out the form below to complete this process.

  • Special Note – It is extremely important that you pre-register for the test and provide a reliable email where instructions and log in information will be sent for the online test.  

This test will be one piece of the placement process which will include his grade school record, other previous testing, and an individual meeting with you. A separate testing will be held in early spring for merit scholarships.

We look forward to your son taking the next step towards joining our Class of 2025 by taking the Placement Test on Sat., Jan. 9 at 9 a.m. 


 If you have questions about the Placement Test, please contact Director of Admissions, Mr. James Torra, at 502-736-2120 or  

Register your son to take the Placement Test below:

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Student Information

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For more information on Placement Testing, contact:
 James Torra

James Torra

Phone: 502.736.2120

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