The First Year of Studies

Welcome to the Rock! Transition can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be.

Meeting new teachers. Learning new environments. Making new friends. Joining new groups. Choosing new classes. Transitioning to a new school can be an overwhelming and often confusing experience – parents included! That’s why Trinity is here to help!

One-on-one placement conferences

A Trinity representative is ready to help you take the first step with personalized care and attention.

  • Explaining Placement Test scores
  • Information about Trinity
  • Parent Q & A
  • Making a joint decision about courses

Tailor-made placement

We ensure your son is placed in an educational environment that is right for him. Our system is designed to be flexible – helping your son succeed and prosper.

  • Four college preparatory academic programs
  • No “tracks”
  • No “one-size-fits-all”

Summer enrichment

Help your son get a leg up on the academic year with our specialized programs. We can help prepare students with personalized attention to their needs with offerings in:

  • Study Skills
  • Grammar
  • Foreign Language
  • Quick Recall
  • TV & Video Production
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Many more!

8TH Grade participation invitations

Prospective students are invited to experience Trinity life through a variety of exciting activities.

  • Attend art shows, concerts, musicals
  • Shadow days
  • Personal tours
  • Special nights just for incoming freshmen

House System

Trinity has developed a unique House System that allows students to experience campus life in a smaller, more intimate environment.

  • Adult and upperclassmen mentors
  • Meet new friends
  • Dozens of opportunities to get involved right away
  • Makes a large school…smaller

Freshman Rockin’

A Trinity favorite! This event is designed to help new students get to know their fellow classmates – and begin to form the brotherhood that makes Trinity an experience that lasts a lifetime.

  • Camaraderie
  • Fun
  • Student leaders
  • Make friends right away

Frequent  Grade Reporting

Trinity keeps you linked and informed about your son’s progress and performance through our communication network for parents.

  • Grades and upcoming assignments online, updated in real time
  • Email access to teachers
  • Direct-dial phone numbers for all teachers, with voice mail
  • Classes have online presence on “Rock Space” our online curriculum

After-school program

School counselors have developed a program specifically designed to help freshmen get off on the right foot. Freshmen can attend an after-school study program in the R. Haskell Marshall Success Center to hone their skills.

  • 50 computer workstations
  • Specialized software
  • Remedial help available
  • Counselor involvement

Personal Attention

Every freshman student at Trinity receives individual care and assistance from school professionals. We also offer freshman-specific activities to encourage participation in a less-competitive environment.

  • Four freshman-level counselors
  • Freshman-level sports teams
  • Freshman-level intramural teams
  • Freshman-level retreat
  • Two Academic Deans

Frequent Communications

Direct communication with parents is vital to our mission at Trinity. We believe that parents should be intimately involved in all aspects of their son’s education.

  • Parent meeting during the Placement Test to answer questions and give reminders
  • Monthly updates after the Placement Test
  • Bi-monthly Parent Newsletters
  • Freshman parent night
  • Mock schedule night
  • Real-time updates via DEAN alert and “parents need to know” on

Parent Involvement

Join the Trinity family! We feature a wide variety of activities, committees and organizations for parents to begin immediately or down the road.

  • Shamrock Moms
  • Parent Forum
  • Team and Club Support Groups
  • Moms’ Prayer Group
  • Student Lifestyles Committee


Investing in your son’s future requires a substantial commitment of time and money. At Trinity, we provide tuition assistance programs that make this commitment more convenient and flexible.

  • Need-based tuition aid
  • Multiple payment plans
  • Work Study
  • Merit scholarships

Summer Academic, Activity and Athletic Camps

Whether you’re an elite student-athlete, a forensic scientist or you just want to be quicker at the buzzer in Quick Recall, we have a summer camp tailored just for YOU!

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Cross Country
  • Basketball
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Robotics
  • Science
  • Quick Recall
  • Math
  • Drum Line
  • Visual Arts
  • And many more…..

Orientation Day

For a smooth and seamless transition into Trinity life, we hold a freshman-only orientation. Students have an opportunity to get accustomed to the campus and meet new faces – before the school year begins!

  • Exclusively for freshmen
  • Locker assignments
  • Meet the teachers
  • Learn the way around campus

Freshman academic convocation

All freshmen and their parents are cordially invited to attend this one-of-a-kind ceremony inducting them into the academic life of the school.

  • Held in Steinhauser Gymnasium
  • All freshmen and their parents attend
  • Students commit to the importance of academics in their lives
  • Students and parents sign a special book putting a seal on the family/school partnership

Shadowing opportunities and private tours available upon request! To shadow or tour, call 893-ROCK. Contact James Torra H ’12 at (502) 736-2120 or for more information.

Shadowing opportunities and private tours available upon request! To shadow or tour, call 893-ROCK.
For more information, contact:
James Torra

James Torra

Phone: (502) 736-2165

Admissions News

Masks Required Week of Dec. 6

Masks Required Week of Dec. 6

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