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Patrick House Tops in Escape Room Contest!

Patrick House finished atop the leaderboard in the Escape Room Contest. The team of Ryan Carothers, Jayden Carrillo, Chris Fryrear, Will Hammer, Braydon Profumo, Luke Vanlandingham and Mr. Alex Dotsey finished the puzzles first.

    Trinity’s House System

    Our House System helps students build even closer relationships and experience a sense of belonging very quickly. Every student is randomly assigned to one of our 10 Houses, placing students into smaller communities to increase opportunities for student leadership and adult mentoring. Students remain the same House for their four years and each House is comprised of freshmen through seniors and students from all academic levels. Throughout the year, Houses compete in a variety of contests and competitions to encourage unity and pride. The House System also encompasses student government at Trinity. Student representatives from each House form a vibrant and responsive student government comprising 90 students who are elected by peers to serve each year. The benefits of Trinity’s House System are endless!

    • Eases the transition into high school
    • Has been studied and imitated by high school across the country
    • Provides access to friends and mentors
    • Provides each student with a sense of belonging
    • Gives each student a strong social foundation
    • Helps ensure 100% participation in extracurricular activities and friendly competitions
    • Encourages charitable works and service opportunities
    • Allows students to have FUN!

    For more about our house system, contact:
    Adam Klein

    Adam Klein

    Phone: 502.736.8230

    The House System really allows you to get a feel for the brotherhood here at Trinity!

    Paul Springer '22

    Toussaint House

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