Patrick House

Welcome to Patrick House – home of the Vipers! Patrick House is named after St. Patrick of Ireland, who is revered by Christians for establishing the Church in Ireland during the fifth century AD. It is believed that Patrick taught the Christian concept of the Trinity to the Irish through the use of the shamrock.

Another popular folk tale says that St. Patrick chased all snakes from Ireland. Ironically adopting the tradition of St. Patrick and the snakes, the Patrick House mascot is the Viper. Our Motto, “in virtute sunt multi ascensus,” means there are many ways to excellence.

While possessing members with individual talents, each member has a path to follow to achieve communal excellence. Individually, we may not be the strongest or most excellent, but together we strive for excellence.

Patrick House has a rich history of excellence, culminating in three House Cup championships in 2007, 2010 and 2015. You could be part of the Pride of Patrick.

Patrick House Leadership

Mr. Alex Dotsey

Mr. Steve Hammer
Mr. Dale Helfrich
Mr. Wayne Kraus ’85
Mr. Pete Schroeder H’16
Mr. Bernie Schum H’21

House Captains:
Riley Friend
Drew Hatcher
Noah Meyers

For more about Patrick House, contact:
Alex Dotsey

Alex Dotsey

Phone: 502.736.8248

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