Toussaint House

Toussaint House is named after the Venerable Pierre Toussaint, a man whose childhood was spent as a slave in 18th century Haiti, and whose adult life was spent nursing the sick, raising orphans, and housing refugees.

Toussaint arrived in the United States in the 1770s and inspired a generation of New Yorkers by his life of service, charity and philanthropy.

Toussaint House strives to live the ideals of Pierre Toussaint and to be true to the Toussaint House motto, nihil obstat which translates to “let nothing stand in the way.”

The House mascot is the Monarch and our unofficial motto is “It’s good to be king.” Toussaint House won the House Cup in 2005 and 2006.


Toussaint House Leadership

Mr. Patrick Koopman

Mr. Shayne Hull
Mr. Blake Napper
Mr. Geoff Norman
Ms. Giaconda Sparling
Ms. Mary Lou Whitfield

House Captains:
Jack Corbett
George Ferree
Noah LeBoeuf

For more about Toussaint House, contact:
Patrick Koopman

Patrick Koopman

Phone: 502.736.8270

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