Alumni Phonathon

Calling all alumni! Alumni Phonathon dates set, volunteers needed

The 2020 Alumni Phonathon is going virtual!

Each year, the Alumni Phonathon raises tens of thousands of dollars for the Trinity Annual Fund, which provides tuition assistance to families with a demonstrated need. These funds are critical to ensure young men have access to the experience of a Trinity education.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s Alumni Phonathon will be a virtual event. Callers will receive a file via email containing all the information needed to phone classmates from the comfort of their homes. Callers will also receive a training video. Trinity Alumni Office staff will be available via Zoom on calling nights to answer any questions you may have.

Can you help us? Your support for the Trinity Annual Fund is more necessary this year than ever. The pandemic is creating significant extra costs for us AND drying up sources of non-tuition revenue, e.g. ticket sales to games.

Meanwhile, requests for tuition assistance due to the economic slowdown are up.

Please register to volunteer and help us on one or multiple evenings! A virtual Alumni Phonathon is a first for Trinity, but we have had many firsts in our long and proud history.

Your time commitment would involve three hours, from 5:30 p.m. till 8:30 p.m., including an instruction session via Zoom.

Alumni Phonathon Dates

2020 Alumni Phonathon Dates – 15 nights
Monday, Oct. 5
Tuesday, Oct. 6
Wednesday, Oct. 7
Monday, Oct. 12
Tuesday, Oct. 13
Wednesday, Oct. 14
Tuesday, Oct. 20
Wednesday, Oct. 21
Thursday, Oct. 22
Tuesday, Oct. 27
Wednesday, Oct. 28
Thursday, Oct. 29
Thursday, Nov. 5
Tuesday, Nov. 10
Wednesday, Nov. 11

When to Expect Our Call

We host two calling seasons each fiscal year. The first campaign is the Alumni Phonathon which begins in October and runs through the middle of November.

The second calling season begins in early April. The second calling season is coordinated by Trinity students which helps us wrap up the final leg of the Trinity Annual Fund Campaign.

Alumni Phonathon Testimonials

Eric Payne ’07 –

As National Chair of the Trinity Annual Fund Committee, I help promote the importance of alumni participation in the annual Alumni Phonathon this October and November.

The Alumni Phonathon is a great initiative that helps the Annual Fund reach its goal of providing financial aid to the young men at Trinity. I have participated in the Alumni Phonathon for many years. As alumni, there are many ways to get involved and give back to our alma mater, but this is one of the most fun events I participate in each year.

Not only is it a way to help drive the fundraising efforts of the Annual Fund, but it is also a great way to stay connected with your classmates. Every time I have participated, I end up talking with an old classmate or teacher that I haven’t connected with in some time. We get the chance to catch up over a bowl of chili and hear “what’s new” at Trinity as we get prepared to make calls.

Once we get started calling, it’s a blast reaching out to classmates over the phone. I always enjoy hearing how my classmates are doing. Some have moved to new cities. They have careers in a wide variety of professions. Some have children now and are excited to see their sons walk the halls at Trinity one day. It is very rewarding to have those conversations each year.

I would say to any alumni who have never participated in the Alumni Phonathon, you’re missing out! Sign up for a calling night in October or November and recruit some classmates.

Paul Bruenderman ’69 – 

It’s “The Thing”

Let me quickly explain what “The Thing” is!

Being part of the Trinity community gave us all a chance to realize what an awesome cultural and educational experience we had and the benefits that come with that. Thinking about those lifetime benefits and all the great friendships I made at Trinity compelled me to think about gratitude and giving back.

To me, the giving back part is easy and painless. When you volunteer a small amount of your time. That’s my significant “WHY” each year I volunteer for the Alumni Phonathon. The Class of 1969 as a group has many classmates that always volunteer for the Alumni Phonathon. Also, our classmates can make calls from their home when it fits the schedule.

In summary, your willingness to support a great cause is all it takes. The great cause is the feel-good knowledge that you are personally helping a present or future young man have the benefit of the Trinity experience that you and I we’re fortunate to have.

Please schedule a night when you can help give back. It will give you a real sense of pride and accomplishment. It’s quick, easy and painless. Please, sign up for the Alumni Phonathon now!

Benjamin Berry ’09 – 

I fondly remember my years at Trinity as one of the best and most positively formative times of my life. The Brothers for Life that I gained there are still some of my closest friends, and the lessons learned there – inside and outside the classroom – serve as the foundation of my moral compass today.

Participating in the Alumni Phonathon and becoming a member of the Young Alumni Shamrock Society are some of the ways that I’m able to give back to the school I owe so much to. I encourage all brother alumni and especially my Class of 2009 to participate in this year’s Alumni Phonathon this fall. It’s a great way to reconnect with classmates and to support students needing financial aid.

Jeremy Jarvi ’98 –

“I participate in the annual Alumni Phonathon to give back and pay forward the opportunity that was provided to me. Attending Trinity High School is an investment in your future. It develops you into a young man and lays a rock-solid foundation of discipline, determination, integrity, loyalty, and success. It’s also a fun way to reconnect with fellow classmates. I challenge my 1998 classmates and all alumni to join me this fall. It’s easy, rewarding and the right thing to do. All contributions go to financial aid. Nothing else.”

Rob Beaven ’91 –

Trinity was a life-changing event and an inspiring role model. My four years at Trinity was truly a gift my parents afforded me. One of the many special lessons Trinity taught me is to serve and help others. For the past 25 years I have worked over a dozen Trinity Phonatons. They are vital to continuing Trinity’s legacy for prospective and current students by growing the Annual Fund. Volunteering for a Phonaton evening will allow you to see all the campus improvements and to hear many success stories. These evenings will allow you to reconnect with your classmates. I highly encourage you to sign up for this year’s Alumni Phonaton to secure an annual gift that will change a young man’s life.

For more information on ways your generosity can benefit Trinity High School, contact:

Trinity High School Foundation

Phone: 502.736.2156

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