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As in years past, we as the Trinity Alumni Association continue to sponsor and support many events that are held on campus. The most important activities surround the focal point of this great school: the student.

Your Alumni Board supports the student in many ways. The annual Shamrock Awards Luncheon, which is sponsored by the Alumni Association, celebrates the academic talents and accomplishments of the Trinity student. The Senior Breakfast is an event for our soon-to-be alumni to enjoy the fruits of their time at Trinity. The Trinity Annual Fund is a way for alumni to give financial treasure/support for Trinity tuition assistance programs. Open House is an important moment for alumni to give their time back to the school and speak about their Trinity experience to prospective students and their parents.

Along with these activities, the Alumni Board sponsors many events for alumni to enjoy: the Trinity Alumni-Sandy Newman Golf Scramble, Hall of Fame Dinner, Class Ambassador program, class reunions and, for graduating classes that have reached the 50-year anniversary or more, the Trinity Emerald Society Brunch.

As you can see, we are a very active association at Trinity. Our alumni events don’t just happen. It takes a collective effort from our brother alumni through their TIME, TALENT and TREASURE.

The 15-member Alumni Board of Directors meets quarterly.

For more information, contact:
Carrie Joy

Carrie Joy

Phone: (502) 736-2177

Alumni Board of Directors Members

Scott Scinta
Class of 1977

Chad Hennessey
Chair, Class of 1994

Zach Redman

Secretary, Class of 2006

Charlie Archer

Class of 1997

Jimmy York
Class of 1979
C. Tom Dues

Class of 1961

Jamie Dumstorf

Class of 1991

Zach Berry
Chair-elect, Class of 2005
Brad Savko
Class of 2005
Ben Klausing

Class of 2002

Tim Osting

Class of 1994

Brian Phillips

Class of 1987

John Ryan

Class of 1989

Ryan Steele

Class of 2007

Rudy Volz

Class of 1973


Alumni Board Executive Committee

Chad Hennessey ’94, Chair; Zach Berry ’05, Chair-elect; Joey Klausing ’97, Immediate Past-chair

Ex-Officio Members

Dr. Rob Mullen ’77, President; Chris Toth ’06, Director, Alumni Relations and Communications

Honorary Members (Past Chairs)

Bob Arnold ’57, Warren Bruenderman ’60, David Elder ’86, John Hollenbach ’79, John King Sr. ’80, Perry Marshall ’81, Sean McGuire ’84, Mark Plummer ’69, Patrick Potter ’89, Michael Price ’66, Paul Resch ’76, John Ribar ’70, Owen Schmitt ’58, Alex Talbott ’59, Chris Tompkins ’78, David Troutman ’85, Chuck Weining ’73

Alumni News

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Trinity’s Impact On My Life – Bob Heleringer ’69

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