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The name has changed, but the song remains the same. Class Ambassadors and Class Captains, you are now Class Agents.

Trinity has been blessed over the decades to have outstanding support from our alumni. They have volunteered countless hours and provided millions of dollars in financial support. We could not be Trinity without our alumni.


There’s a new way to be involved at Trinity: sign up to be a Class Agent.


About 20 years ago, then-Alumni Association Chair Chris Tompkins ’78 had the idea to create a program to meet the requests of alumni to be more involved at Trinity. The Alumni Board of Directors voted unanimously to initiate a Class Ambassador program. Alumni Board member Mark Plummer ’69 took the lead in implementing the program. More than 325 alumni joined the Class Ambassador ranks. Class Ambassadors served as an information conduit between Alumni Office and alumni. They were also a pool of volunteers we could call upon to help at Trinity events.


Fifteen years later, the Class Captain program grew out of the Ambassador program. Class Captains contacted five classmates to ask for their support for the Trinity Annual Fund, which provides for financial aid for our students. More than 75 alumni signed on as Class Captains.


Trinity is combining the two programs into the Class Agent program. It is a merger of invaluable roles for our alumni.


What’s a Class Agent?

A Trinity Class Agent is a liaison between our graduating classes, our Alumni Board and the Trinity Annual Fund Committee. Being a Class Agent offers many opportunities to be involved at Trinity. It also directly benefits you, your classmates and our students. The Class Agent program is a merger of these invaluable roles for our alumni.

Check out the Class Agent Handbook.


What do I do if I’m a current Class Ambassador or Class Captain?

The Alumni Office will be contacting you to ask if you would like to transition from your Class Ambassador and/or Class Captain role to a Class Agent role.


Class Agent duties

You are a crucial part of the success and stewardship of Trinity students. We who work at Trinity each day never forget that generosity.

  • Be the contact liaison for your class to the Trinity Alumni Office.
  • Increase alumni participation in the Trinity Annual Fund.
    • Commit to participate in at least one calling night for of the annual Alumni Phonathon and to attract at least three classmates to participate. The Alumni Phonathon is held during the fall.
    • Commit to the “Power of 10” – Contacting 10 classmates and asking them to consider making a gift to the Trinity Annual Fund. And, if they will give, ask them to contact five classmates and make the same request. In this manner, we can have a cascading effect on class giving. Give them an explanation about what the Annual Fund is and how it directly helps students. It doesn’t pay the electric bill, buy sports equipment or pay salaries. Every dollar is dedicated to financial aid. Any gift amount is appreciated – whether it’s $25, $100, $500 or $1,000. A $25 gift is equally appreciated because it’s a gift to a cause we all love.
  • Review class roster data and send changes (address, phone, email, etc.) to the Alumni Office.
  • Assist with planning your class reunions and recruit classmates to assist with that effort.
  • Share news about your classmates with the Alumni Office. For example, marriages, birth announcements, deceased notifications or professional/volunteer recognitions and achievements. Also, utilize social media to share classmate updates.
  • Participate in and attend Alumni Association, Foundation and school events.
  • Be an ambassador for Trinity High School. Spread good news about Trinity and help us recruit new Shamrocks.

The Alumni Office staff will train you on how to do all of the above and provide you with a Class Agent handbook. We are here to help you increase the engagement of your classmates.


One of the best ways to support Trinity students as a Class Agent is participating in the upcoming Alumni Phonathon. This year’s Phonathon will be a virtual event. All proceeds go directly to need-based financial aid for students. You can make a difference in a Trinity man’s life! Click here for additional information, calling dates and to sign up.


Mission Statement

The Class Agent Program works in conjunction with our graduating classes, the Alumni Board of Directors and the Trinity Annual Fund Committee to increase the time, talent and treasure brother alumni can provide to Trinity High School. Our focus is to increase alumni awareness of, involvement in and support of Trinity through effective communication and stewardship. The Class Agent Program is a mechanism for alumni to volunteer for current alumni-sponsored and school activities, as well as encourage classmates to support the Trinity Annual Fund. Through this program, we will provide a network that re-connects our alumni to Trinity High School.

For more information, contact:
Travis Wagoner '90

Travis Wagoner '90

Phone: (502) 736-2122

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