Military Alumni

Trinity wishes to honor our graduates who are presently serving in uniform not only in our community, but also throughout the world.

We feel fortunate to have so many of our fellow Alumni brothers who willingly place their lives in danger to defend our basic principles of freedom and safety. Many of these graduates are living in our own community while others are in Iraq, Korea, Kosovo and other trouble spots around the globe. We pray for their safety while they are protecting us.

As of this writing, the following is the list of Trinity grads presently serving in uniform. The list’s intention is to recognize any alum who is currently in uniform. If there is an error, someone’s name is not present or someone whose name is present but is no longer actively serving, please notify Carrie Joy.

NameGrad YearService
Mark Achico1989Marines
Kyle Adams1999Fern Creek Fire
Darwin Alberto1979Air Force
Eric Allain1992Army
Jason Allen1990Army
Todd Allen1988High Point, North Carolina Police
Dan Alpiger1980Louisville Metro Police
Mike Alpiger1979Marines
Kyle Anderson2010Marines
Albert Archangel1979Air Force
Rich Arnold1986Louisville Metro Police
BJ Aronhime1995Air Force
Kevin Atkins2000Air National Guard
Kevin Baker1987Lyndon Fire
Jim Baker1985LaGrange Fire, Oldham Co. EMS
George Batton2001Marines
Damien Becker1997Navy
David Bell1991Marines
Charlie Bell1995Navy
Tyler Bennett2003Coast Guard
Justin Bischoff1999Army
Greg Bishop1986Army
Jeffrey Bishop1996Lyndon Fire and Rescue
Brian Biven1986Louisville Metro Police
Tyler Bohn2006Marines
Ken Borders1967Louisville Fire
Ryan Borders2004Army
Sean Bott1996Army
Chuck Bratcher1983Coast Guard
Richard Brauner1977Marines
Richard Brian1961Jefferson County Sheriff
Sean Brinley1989J-Town Fire
Pat Broderick1982St Matthews Police
Ryan Brown1999Marines
Bob Brown1982Air National Guard
Ben Bryant1998LaGrange Fire
Mike Bukowski1994Army
David Burnstein1996Army
Emory Burroughs2010Marines
Brian Calvert1983Army
Matt Carrico2000Army
Jim Carter1972Mt. Washington Police
Frank Chawk1989Marines
Kenny Clark1980Air National Guard
Steve Clayton1970Marines
Mike Clayton1973Air Force
Bobby Clements1994Marines
Matt Clements1995Louisville Fire
Greg Cline1979Navy
Jordan Clore1983Navy
Tony Cobaugh1973St. Matthews Police
David Cole1999Lyndon Fire and Rescue
James Collard2002Army
Matt Conliffe1991Navy
Pat Coons1981Army
Alex Corcoran2000Coast Guard
Josh Crady2005Army
Matt Creed1992Firefighter/Paramedic Southgate Fire Dept Campbell County, KY. Commander of the Great Lakes Region, CAP
Tony Crespo2003Army
Seth Croutcher2004Worthington Fire Department
Tom Cushing1998Army Reserves
Chase Danner2001Marines
Greg Darst1980Waddy Fire Department
Mike Darst1983Waddy Fire Department
Roger Davis1979Army
Robert Davis1984Navy
Stu Davis1998Marines
Jackie Dehart1960Lyndon Fire and Rescue
Chris Dettle1998Marines
Robert Diebold1959South Oldham Fire
Tony Diebold1996Army
Matt Dolan1988Army
Tim Dougherty1985Air Force
Andy Downes2000Buechel Fire
Tony Downes1995Louisville Fire
Kevin Doyle1967Navy
Craig Drury1987Highview Fire Department*
Travis Duckwall1996Navy
John Duerr2003Army
Dave Dugan1980St. Matthews Fire
David Eisert1989Coast Guard
Tim Emington1970Louisville Metro Police
Brian Epperson1992Lt. Col. Air Force
Mike Ernst1989Louisville Metro Police
J. Vincent Fanton2008National Guard
Mark Feger1992Navy
George Fischer1979Marines
Todd Fleisch1981Air Force
Michael Frank2002Navy
Dan Frederick1984Covington, Ky. Fire
Greg Frederick1980Fire Chief Louisville Fire
James Frederick1985Louisville Fire
Tom Fromich1984J-Town Fire
Chris Fuelling1996Louisville Metro Police
Skip Fultz1975Louisville Fire
Tim Gaddie1996Navy
Derek Gaslin1995Lyndon Fire and Rescue
Tom Gavin2003Marine Corp Reserves
Chris Gay1982Louisville Metro Police
Robert Goodrum2000Marines
Dave Gossett1986Air Force
Rick Gossman1985McMahon Fire
Fritz Graas1988Louisville Metro Police
Keith Gramig1981Army
Kerry Gramig1986Army
Kevin Gramig1981Shelby County EMS
Tom Grant1967Louisville Metro Police
Steve Gray1995Army Reserves
David Greenwell1980Navy
Mike Hableib1989Louisville Metro Police
John Hackel1981Lousiville Metro Police
Keith Hafendorfer1997Marines
Glen Hamilton1981Pewee Valley Fire
Rob Hamilton1982Pewee Valley Fire
Jeff Hancock1985Louisville Metro Police
Mike Harden1966Air Force
Jimmie Hardman1995Navy
Pete Harmansky1993Coast Guard
Jacob Harper1997Air Force
Chris Haunz1990Pewee Valley Fire
Pat Hayden1973St Matthews Police
Doug Hayes1985US Navy Reserves Seabees
Chris Hazelton1991Air Force
Dave Hazelton1981Air Force
Charlie Hebel1983EMS
Scott Heise1984Army
Jason Hellmueller1995Army Reserves
Peyton Henderson1999Marines
Brad Hettinger2001Army National Guard
Milt Hettinger1975Louisville Fire
Paul Higginbotham1999Army
Eric Hines1991Kentucky State Police
Cary Hirtzel1985Louisville Metro Police
Alex Hofmeister2014Army
Sam Horton1970US Public Health Service
Timur Housum1981Air Force
Doug Howard1981Louisville Metro Police
Cory Howerton2002Navy
Vic Hubbuch1991State Police
John Huber1986Army
Scott Huelse1979Marines
Rich Impellizeri1976Navy
Tony Ising1996North Oldham Fire
Billy Jacob1996Louisville Fire
Mike Johnson2000Marines
Antwan Jones1987Air Force
John Kaelin1980Louisville Metro Police
Shane Kahl2006Air Force
Brian F. Kain2000Army
Mark Kapona1982Merchant Marines
Steve Kaufling1993Louisville Metro Police
Jim Kaufling1994Louisville Metro Police
Mark Kaufmann1993Navy
Tim Kehl1982Pewee Valley Fire
Greg Kellerman1984Louisville Metro Police; St. Matthews Police
Robert King1987Louisville Metro Police
Michael King1989Louisville Metro Police
Mike King1995Army
Chris (Todd) Knights1984Air Force
Jeff Knop1981Louisville Fire
Jay Koestel1993J-Town Fire
Eric Krebs2004Worthington Fire Department
Sam Krebs2004Worthington Fire Department
James Kuchenbrod1980Louisville Fire
Paul Kurtz1992St. Matthews Fire
Dennis Lage1995Louisville Fire
Chris Lamb1981Army National Guard
Joe Lamb1986Louisville Metro Police
Jon Lamb2002Marines
Glen Lampton1979Police Houston, Texas
Brennan Lawrence1988Lyndon Fire
Jason Lichtefeld2000Marines
Jacob Linder1996Coast Guard
Brandon Losaker1999Air Force
Chuck Lutes1978Air Force
Ron Maddux1987Middletown Fire
Phil Marchegion1991Louisville Fire
Steve Mattingly1985Jeffersontown Police
Steve May1979Air National Guard
Mike McCarty1978Louisville Fire
Tim McConnell1980Louisville Metro Police
Pat McGrath1984Fire Department Bowling Green
Lance McGuire2007Air Force
Eric McHugh1997Army
Eric McKinney2006Army
Kevin McKinney1995Louisville Metro Police
Derek Meeks2001Louisville Fire
David Meiners1985St. Matthews Fire
James Meyer1977Army
Chris Michelsen1984Marines
Tom Miles1982Louisville Metro Police
Garland Miller1974Buechel Fire
Martin Mitchell2000Army
Stu Monohan1982St. Matthews Fire
Nick Morgan1986St. Louis Fire Department
Mike Morgan1983Union Fire Union Kentucky
Lee Morrison1991FBI
Kevin Moulton1993St. Matthews Fire
Charles Mulligan1994Kentucky Army National Guard
Joseph Murphy2000Air Force
Adam Nay1996St. Matthews Fire
Lee Newton1999Navy
Fr. Jeff Nicholas1981Air National Guard
Ed Nooning1989Army Reserves
Terry Ober1981Marines
Stewart OBryan1972Navy
Keith Olsen2001Coast Guard
Tim OMahoney1997Air Force
Steve Owen1966Louisville Metro Police
John Owen1981Louisville Metro Police
David Owens1980Army National Guard
Riley Owens2003Army
J. Michael Paul1980Army
John Prather1986Army
Chris Price1987Jeffersontown Police
Fielding Proffitt2000Navy
Sylvester Rapier III1980Police, San Antonio
Chris Reely1989Air Force
Phil Resch1967Naval Officer
Jean-Paul Rich1981Coast Guard
Mike Riordan1971EMT
Brian Roggenkamp1996Louisville Metro Police
Nick Rossano2000Marines
Kevin Roy1995Ky. Air National Guard
Chris Ruskowski1999Navy
Steve Russell1982Air Force
Kevin Ryan1977Louisville Fire
Marty Ryan1992EMS Carroll Co.
Don Ryan1981St. Matthews Fire
Zachery Sanders2002Louisville Fire
Andrew Sasse1984Lyndon Fire
Tom Savchick1983Air National Guard
Chris Savchick1987Police Newport, Ky.
Ryan Scanlan1990Louisville Metro Police
Brandon Schabel2004Louisville Fire
Chris Scherer1995Army Reserves
Jon Schmidt2014Marines
David Schmidt1986Air Force
David Schneider1980Marines
Mike Schnell1967Chief of Police, Mt.Sterling, Ky.
Ted Schnurr1989US Secret Service
Adam Schulz1998Army
Joseph Schwab2004Army
Jack Schwab1985Army
Tom Schwartz1982EMS/Louisville
Jeff Schwoeppe1988Louisville Fire
Mike Scott1994Eastwood Fire
Ryan Self2000Army
John Sheehan1995Jefferson County Sheriff
Justin Sheridan2002Army
Ron Shoemaker1988Louisville EMS
Aaron Silliman2005Louisville Fire
Donovan Sims2008Louisville Fire
Doug Sinclair2006Navy
Keith Sinclair1977Army
Paul Sinclair1992EMS Washington Co/Buechel
Patrick Singleton1996Navy
Mark Skubis1992Navy
Mark Smith1981Ohio Air National Guard
Donald Sorg1998Louisville Fire
Donnie Sorg1998Army
Brad Steller1999Marines
David Stewart1983EMT San Antonio, Texas
Greg Stich1977Louisville Fire
John Stich1975Lyndon Fire
Robert Stober1987Army
Charlie Strobel1996Lyndon Fire and Rescue
Chad Strothman1996Navy
Kevin Sullivan1990Air Force
Dan Summa1997Navy
Greg Summa1993Marines
Ed Super1996Army
Mike Sutt1994Eastwood Fire
Brandon Sword2002Army
Paul Tallarico1978Louisville Fire
Dominic Tallarico Jr.1975Louisville Fire
Scot Tanselle1981Pewee Valley Fire
Brian Thomas2001Navy
Brandon Thomas2001Air Force
Alex Thompson2010Marines
David Thompson2001Army
Jerry Thornsberry1984Louisville Metro Police
Mike Thorpe1995Louisville Metro Police
Kevin Tidwell2000Air Force
Tim Tinker1984Navy
Donnie Towles1985Louisville Metro Police
Craig Tucker1977Marines
Brian Tucker1978Marines
David Urton1970Louisville Fire
William Vandevander1974Jefferson Co. Sheriff
Chris Verdi1991Louisville Fire
Mark Vogt1980Marines
John Wagner1971Air Force
Tom Walker1984Air Force
Todd Waltrip1980Louisville Fire
Kirby Warms1993Marines
Jeremiah Wathen1998Navy
Joe Weis1991Jefferson County Sheriffðs Department
Brian Welch1990Army
Mike Welsh1979Navy
Mike White1998Marines
Jeff Whitworth1998Army
George Wiggins1993St. Matthews Fire
Karl-Hines Williams2003Army Reserves
Phil Williams1978Louisville Metro Police
Steve Williams1983St Matthews Police
Mike Willinger1984St. Matthews Fire
Frank Willoughby1987Louisville Metro Police
Chris Wilmes1990Louisville Metro Police
David Wimberg1999Marines
Michael Wimberg1996Marines and Louisville Fire
Andrew Wingfield2001EMT North Oldham
Trey Wolberton1998Army
Don Wolfe1984Army
Don Wright1984Louisville Metro Police
David York1982Pewee Valley Fire
Adam Zeman1997Navy
Steve Zike1982Navy
John Zimlich2000Buechel Fire

For more information, contact:
Carrie Joy

Carrie Joy

Phone: (502) 736-2177

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