Honor Alumni

The Trinity High School Alumni Association designates one of its members as the Honor Alumnus for each school year. The award is presented to a Trinity graduate who is committed to living his life based on Gospel values; is a recognized leader in his community and/or chosen career; and who values his Trinity education and remains in contact with his alma mater.

This year the award was presented to Dr. Glenn Blincoe from the Trinity Class of 1973. 

Want to make a nomination?

We are always seeking Hall of Fame nominations. If there is an individual whom you would like to nominate for Hall of Fame consideration, please download the form and submit it.

Nomination Form  

The Alumni Board of Directors is charged with soliciting or proposing nominations for the annual Honor Alumnus Award presented at graduation; to gather information on each nominee; to ensure that all nominees are willing to accept the designation and to be present to receive the award; and to conduct the selection of the award winner by vote after the March meeting of the Alumni Board.

For more information, contact:
Chris Toth

Chris Toth

Email: toth@thsrock.net
Phone: (502) 736-2122
Year AwardedTrinity AlumniGrad Year
2018Dr. Glenn Blincoe1973
2017Alan Hennessey1969
2016Charles L. "Chuck" Servino1973
2015John F. King Sr.1980
2014Timothy W. Clark1983
2013Jeff King1995
2012David A. Aberli1975
2011Gregory E. Fischer1976
2010F. Scott Scinta1977
2010F. Gregory Scinta1977
2009Mark S. Plummer1969
2008Joseph Porter1978
2007Sean R. Higgins1978
2006Sean McGuire1984
2005Steve Crump1975
2004Christopher S. Tompkins1978
2003John V. Kahl1969
2002M. David Power1989
2001Glynn R. Stengel1967
2000Joseph E. Bryant1975
1999George L. Freibert1961
1998Dr. Robert Mullen1977
1997Rev. George Kilcourse1965
1996Robert Heleringer1969
1995William M. "Sandy" Newman1967
1994Jeff Brohm1989
1993Joe Demling Sr.1968
1992Mark W. Lambertus, MD 1975
1991Joe Gliessner1963
1990Mike Jones1974
1989Raymond P. Duran Jr.1974
1988Robert L. Arnold1957
1987Rev. David H. Zettel1958
1986Paul A. Lichtefeld1960
1985John A. Brenzel1958
1984Robert Pfaadt1959
1983John T. Roney1961
1982William C. Ballard1958
1981John R. Guthrie1958
1980Thomas Zehnder1963
1979Robert S. Kiper1957
1978Eugene Eckert1962
1977John T. Brasch1966
1976Louis J. "Todd" Hollenbach III1957
1975Lawrence "Nick" Osting1959
1974Mark Schwarzel1969

Alumni News

Alumni News

New Oral History Posted

Want to learn more about the history of Trinity while listening to the voice of one of her beloved leaders? Check out the Trinity Archives "oral histories" link and enjoy hearing the voice of Peter Flaig H'00.

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Young Alum News

Zac Brumback (Trinity Class of 2016) is a student at George Washington University, where he is pursuing a political science major. He applied for an internship for the spring semester with Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell. He just returned from Australia, where he was...

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Archives Additions

We have begun to post the 1980s editions of The ECHO. Thanks to our awesome senior helpers Cole Crush, Wyatt Ware, David Johnson, Will Blythe and Brett Pfaadt for their help in scanning the documents! Visit the Archives website today and enjoy! Coming soon ... another...

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