Honorary Alumni

We recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the Trinity Family by naming them an Honorary Alumnus of Trinity High School.

By this designation, we are saying to each of them that they are one of us, and that we hope they will continue to think of Trinity as their own. Order is by last name.

C. David Aldridge07.31.2002Friend of Trinity
Tony Altieri12.21.1994Booster
Larry Ashley04.16.1994celebraTion volunteer
Scott Austin03.12.2005celebraTion volunteer
Tim Ayers10.19.2006Foundation Board Member
Sherry Barker04.27.2016celebraTion volunteer
Terry Bean02.09.2007Faculty
Bob Beatty01.12.2003Faculty
Sr. Regina Bevelacqua11.18.2006Friend of Trinity
Joe Bobrowski05.22.2012Faculty
Sharon Bohannon05.14.2010Class of 2010 Senior Breakfast
Laura Brown Bohne05.21.2021CelebraTion Volunteer
Joseph H. Bonura III04.30.1992Past Parent/Volunteer
Pat Bowles11.12.2001Faculty
William P. Bradford II03.22.2003Trinity Theatre, Artistic Director
Oscar Brohm01.20.2008Past Parent
Karen Brown03.31.2001celebraTion volunteer
Richard Brown09.04.1992CNN Radio AM 680
Tim Brown03.31.2001celebraTion volunteer
Earl Browning09.04.1992CNN Radio AM 680/P Parent
Jennifer Browning11.20.2006Faculty
Mike Brumfield11.17.2013Golf Coach
Michael Budniak05.13.2011Faculty
Michael Burkholter12.16.1993Student - Cystic Fibrosis
Sandy Camerucci07.15.20Longtime employee
Bill Carrico08.12.1997Friend of Trinity
Steve Carter02.17.2012Friend of Trinity
Rev. Kevin Caster05.21.1993Faculty
Cindy Cayot03.29.2003celebraTion volunteer
Laura Clements03.29.2008celebraTion volunteer
Nick Clooney04.04.2007Friend of Trinity
Doug Cobb09.20.1998Shamrock Awards Dinner speaker
Gov. Martha Layne Collins09.30.1992Former Governor of Kentucky
Walt Collins08.26.2006Friend of Trinity
Andrew Coverdale02.09.2007Faculty
Rev. Clyde Crews01.16.1998Guest Speaker-In service day
Bill Cubbage, ATC01.15.2012Assistant Football Coach
Emily Dageforde03.31.2012celebraTion volunteer
Lorene Daniels05.24.1992THS Volunteer
Jim Davis11.04.1994Former Employee
Anna Dawson01.23.2014Friend of Trinity
Rev. Patrick Delahanty06.03.2002Anti-death penalty activist
Jean Delaney05.22.2011Faculty
Sharon Demling05.07.19Longtime employee
Fr. Ron Domhoff05.22.1998Class of 1998 Senior Breakfast
Michael Doran08.01.1994Grade School Principal
Rhonda Dowdy04.13.2017celebraTion volunteer
Tom Dubay05.20.1994Faculty
Rev. Thomas Duerr05.07.1992Former Teacher/Principal
David Duke07.31.2002Athletic Department Council
Buddy Dumeyer06.05.1994Security Advisor/Friend/Pros Parent
Raymond P. Duran04.11.2015Past Parent
David Eckert08.23.2000Founder of Integral Structures; father of Tom 82
Angie Edelen03.29.2003celebraTion volunteer
Bill Edelen03.29.2003celebraTion volunteer
Ken Ellenbrand01.14.2007Faculty
Mary Emrich05.15.2009Faculty
Dennis Esterle06.03.2001Faculty
John Esterle05.22.2005Class of 2005 Senior Breakfast
Leo Fante02.21.2014Honorary Class of 1976
W. Peter Flaig08.20.2000First president of Trinity H.S.
Angela Flechler09.01.2003Parent of seven alumni
Edward M. Flynn08.15.2002Friend of Trinity
George Jesse Flynn08.15.2002Friend of Trinity
John J. Flynn08.15.2002Friend of Trinity
Thomas Ford05.30.2004Friend of Trinity
Tom Fox01.15.2012Assistant Football Coach
Judy Francis02.15.1992celebraTion volunteer
Sharon Freibert10.11.2006Friend of Trinity
Sharon Freibert03.13.2010celebraTion volunteer
Steve Freibert03.01.1999Shamrock Spirit Campaign
Catherine Fuchs06.04.1993THS Cafeteria Manager (retired)
Evelyn Fultz02.17.1993THS Secretary
Gretchen Furlong04.18.2018celebraTion volunteer
Marie Gleeson03.13.2010celebraTion volunteer
Karen Graehler03.15.2014celebraTion volunteer
John Grenough09.27.2011Former Faculty
Mary Jude Grether04.15.2017Friend of Trinity
Mark Gustafson03.06.2015Past Parent/Volunteer
Patti Hafendorfer04.04.1998celebraTion volunteer
Mary Ann Hall08.29.2008Faculty
Mike Hamilton05.17.1996Faculty
John Hamilton04.25.2005Retiring School Board member
George Hammerstrom09.06.2002Friend of Trinity
Matthew Hayes09.26.1993Exec. Director of Archdiocese
Dave Hazelip05.16.1996Former Principal
Tony Heitzman04.08.2013Former Faculty
Elmer Hennessey12.17.2012Friend of Trinity
Joe Henning05.19.2006Class of 2006 Senior Breakfast
David Higgins01.15.2005Board Member/Volunteer
Bill Hogg08.10.2015Faculty
Marshall Glen Holthouser05.28.2004WWII veteran 04 Senior Breakfast
Joe Hornek09.08.2006Friend of Trinity
Bill Howard08.14.2013Friend of Trinity
Caroline Howe12.25.2011Friend of Trinity
Bob Hublar05.24.2002Class of 2002 Senior Breakfast
Elizabeth Meaux Jackson08.25.2003Friend of Trinity
Jeremy Jackson05.16.2014Class of 2014 Senior Breakfast
Shawn T. Johnson08.20.2003Friend of Trinity
Bailey Jones05.18.2018Class of 2018 Senior Breakfast
Lou Judd03.29.2016Friend of Trinity
Mickey Kalbhin05.16.1997Football Coach/Asst. Athletic Director
Mike Kallay11.18.1993HOF Speaker
Gail Kamenish04.28.2005Trinity Leader graphic designer/photographer
Peggy Karman10.01.2021Past Parent/Volunteer
Jim Kazora08.01.18Friend of Trinity, asst. baseball coach
Archbishop Thomas Kelly02.07.2001Confirmation Mass
Lisa Kelly05.16.2008Class of 2008 Senior Breakfast
Jim Kennedy05.22.1993Former Faculty/Football Coach
Frank Kinney09.04.1992CNN Radio AM 680
Rev. Greg Klass05.16.1996Friend of Trinity
Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz05.17.2015Friend of Trinity
Dennis Lampley12.12.1992Faculty/Football Coach
Cawood Ledford09.25.1992Radio Announcer/THS vs St. X
Charles L. Leis06.04.2001Archdiocesan dinner
Tony Lococo05.23.2003Class of 2003 Senior Breakfast
Bob Maddox04.26.2007FCA meeting
R. W. "Buck" Marshall07.08.2000Shamrock Spirit Campaign donor
Mary Mason03.09.2009Faculty
Newton McCravy, Jr.06.05.1994Counselor/P Parent
Tom McDonnell06.01.2003End-of-Year Faculty Dinner
Dr. Joseph McGowan09.17.1995Shamrock Awards Speaker
Owen McMasters02.13.2016Student
Millicent Meehan04.18.2013celebraTion volunteer
Tom Meeker11.21.1996HOF Speaker
Dorothy Mershon12.20.2007Past Parent
E. Oliver Mershon12.20.2007Past Parent
Kathy Mershon11.16.1992School Board/Parent
Debbie Miranda03.27.2000celebraTion volunteer
John Miranda03.27.2000celebraTion volunteer
Klaus Mittelsten05.24.1992Former Faculty
Keely Monsour05.21.2021CelebraTion Volunteer
Gary Montgomery09.27.2005Past parent, friend of Trinity
Harry Moody05.18.2007Class of 2007 Senior Breakfast
Michael Alexander Moore03.08.2017Friend of Trinity
Craig Mueller03.09.2020Friend of Trinity
Kathy Mullen03.31.2012celebraTion volunteer
Hal Mumme12.04.1997HOF Speaker
Lynn Nash12.25.2016Friend of Trinity
Beth Newman03.31.2007celebraTion volunteer
C. M. Newton11.17.1994HOF Speaker/UK Athletic Director
William J. O Connell03.05.1992Past Parent/1st Booster President
Dr. Thomas Oates, Spalding U.09.21.1996Shamrock Awards Dinner speaker
Lynn Olympia06.07.2004Alumni Board meeting
Paul Passafiume03.29.2016Friend of Trinity
Clair Patenaude02.01.2007Board Member
Peggy L. Petredis03.19.2014Past Parent/Volunteer
Dave Pumphrey08.15.2007Past Parent/Friend of Trinity
Corey Racculia09.15.1994Former Student
John Ramsey04.19.1995WRKA Radio/Benefit Dinner MC
Keith Rapp05.17.2013Class of 2013 Senior Breakfast
James Reddish12.25.2011Friend of Trinity
James H. Rice08.15.2002Friend of Trinity
Trish Riddle03.26.2011celebraTion volunteer
Justine Rostel05.27.1999Class of 1999 Senior Breakfast
Rich Rostel05.21.1993Faculty
Betty Roth05.15.2015Faculty
Eddie Rudolph09.17.1995Faculty
Bob Rueff08.30.2006Past Parent
Jack Rueff05.04.2012Friend of Trinity
Dr. William J. Sandman, Jr.04.25.1994Former Team Physician
Rev Ted Sans09.21.2005Former faculty member
Bob Savko02.08.2013Past Parent/Friend of Trinity
Rob Saxton12.15.2015Faculty
Rev. Jack Schindler05.26.2002Graduation organist
Pete Schroeder04.25.2016Head Lacrosse Coach
Paul Schulte11.16.1992School Board/Parent
Leisa Schulz05.28.21Superintendent of Catholic Schools
Bernie Schum05.19.2021Faculty
Sheila Schuster03.22.1993School Board/Parent
Sr. Mary Angela Shaughnessy05.15.2015Friend of Trinity
Jeff Sisler07.31.2002Friend of Trinity
Lenna Skubis05.27.1993THS Secretary
John Smith12.27.2010Friend of Trinity
Anne Solomon03.25.2006celebraTion volunteer
William J. Spath12.25.2002Friend of Trinity
Bernard Speevack MD01.12.2014Team Doctor
Rev. Don Springman05.20.1994Retiring Faculty
Gene Stein06.22.2017Friend of Trinity
Mandy Stein06.22.2017Friend of Trinity
Evelyn "Mimi" Stottmann05.24.1992THS Secretary
Aaron Striegel05.20.2016Class of 2016 Senior breakfast
Tracy Sunley03.15.2014celebraTion volunteer
Craig Swabek01.15.2012Assistant Football Coach
James F. Swift MD01.12.2014Team Doctor
Don Switzer05.28.2004Class of 2004 Senior Breakfast
Greg Sysol03.22.2003Trinity Theatre, Producer, Technical Director
Mike Szabo05.14.2016Faculty, Basketball Coach
Tim Thompson04.25.2016Friend of Trinity
James Torra05.18.2012Class of 2012 Senior Breakfast
Landy Valdes08.17.2000Former student
Bob Valvano09.18.1994Shamrock Awards Speaker
Al Wagner10.19.2016Friend of Trinity
Mike Wagner01.18.2009Past Parent
Debbie Walling05.17.2019Class of 2019 Senior Breakfast
Joseph Anthony Walsh12.25.1994Past Parent
Jason Walton08.01.1994Office Intern
Michelle Walters04.13.2017Trinity High School Foundation
Frank Ward11.12.2001Faculty
Janice Watts04.04.1998celebraTion volunteer
Wade Wearren12.11.1994Friend of Trinity
Carol Weleski05.25.2001Class of 2001 Senior Breakfast
Jean West09.17.2000Shamrock Awards speaker; reporter, WHAS-TV11
Parker Whitehouse05.19.2017Class of 2017 Senior Breakfast
Linda Whitworth05.20.2014Faculty
David Winkler06.06.2004Trinity principal
Jan Woock03.31.1997celebraTion volunteer
Lois Woock06.22.2003Parent of seven alumni
Ray Woock06.22.2003Parent of seven alumni
Dan Zoeller12.20.2007Trinity principal

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Carrie Joy

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