Head Coach:                   Rick Arnold ’86      (6th season as Head Coach)

2022 Season Outlook

Trinity enters the 2022 season as the defending 2021 KHSAA State Champion, going “wire-to-wire” as the #1 ranked team in Kentucky. Head Coach Rick Arnold (Class of ’86) is entering his 8th year in charge of the program. Despite graduating (9) seniors from last season’s 41-win team (state record), Coach Arnold and his staff believe this year’s club has the experience and talent necessary to excel.

Key players

Key players returning from last year’s roster include Matt Klein (Sr., C), Korbyn Dickerson (Sr., OF), Brady Willis (Sr., OF), Garrett Brunstetter (Sr., LHP/OF), Robbie Reed (Sr., RHP/INF), and Jake Schweitzer (So., RHP/INF). Several sophomores, juniors, and seniors will be competing for innings in the field and on the mound as well.

Scheduling Highlights

The varsity team will compete against top schools from across the region, including highly ranked teams from Kentucky (Danville, Apollo, Male, Tates Creek, Bowling Green, Highlands, PRP, Rowan Co., St. Xavier, Lexington Catholic, Beechwood, Madison Central, McCracken Co.); Indiana (Floyd Central, Lake Central, Providence), Illinois (Brother Rice, Homewood Flossmore), and Ohio (Moeller).


Varsity Team

Back row (L to R): Evan Boeckmann, Camryn Warfield, Aidan Ecken, Garrett Brunstetter, Luke Fields, Kyle Campbell, Jake Wilson, Tyce Powers, Jack Neal, Matt Klein, Korbyn Dickerson

Middle row (L to R): Paul Osting, Thomas Nettles, Asst. Coach Bernie Holkamp, Asst. Coach Kam Bruner, Head Coach Rick Arnold, Asst. Coach Devin Hicks, Asst. Coach Ryan Wheat, Asst. Coach Jack Littrell, Jake Schweitzer, Robbie Reed

Front row (L to R): Ashton Sims, Daly Penick, Hunter Hennessey, Brooks Hagedorn, Chase Armstrong, Hayden Rader, Nate Tencza, Dane Morrow, Brady Willis

JV Baseball Team

Bottom Row: Coach Ricky Martin, Barrett Buckley, Hunter Hall, Jaden Mack, Trevor Watkins, Colin Sander, Jackson Supsky, Coach Tony Meyer

Top Row: Caleb Ricks, Baxter Tedesco, Daly Penick, Colton Cravens, Zack Jarboe, Carson Waddle, Ethan Dillon

Baseball Team Schedules

3/5/2022SatGreen/White ScrimmageTrinity Stadium12:00pm
3/12/2022SatFranklin Co. ScrimmageTrinity Stadium12:00pm
3/15/2022TueDeSalesTrinity Stadium6:00pmW 11-0
3/18/2022FriButlerTrinity Stadium5:30pmW 10-0
3/19/2022SatOwensboro Cath Trinity Stadium1:00 EST/12:00 CSTW 4-3
3/21/2022MonDanvilleTrinity Stadium6:30pmW 7-5
3/22/2022TueHighlands LatinTrinity Stadium5:30pmW 12-2
3/23/2022WedSo. OldhamSo. Oldham6:00pmW 17-2
3/26/2022SatApolloApollo2:00 EST/1:00 CSTW 4-0
3/28/2022MonCentral HardinTrinity Stadium6:00pmW 10-0
3/29/2022TueMaleMale6:00pmL 3-5
4/1/2022FriHomewood Flossmoor IL.Trinity Stadium5:00pmW 7-4
4/2/2022SatLake Central IN.Trinity Stadium11:00amW 17-6
4/2/2022SatBowling GreenTrinity Stadium4:00pmW 14-8
4/5/2022TueCALTrinity Stadium7:00pmW 5-3
4/16/2022SatRyleRyle3:00pmW 17-9
4/18/2022MonOldham Co.THS7:00pmW 12-2
4/19/2022TueAthertonAtherton5:00pmW 21-5
4/20/2022WedFloyd Central IN.Trinity Stadium6:00pmW 8-3
4/22/2022FriBrother Rice IL.Trinity Stadium5:00pmL 3-12
4/23/2022SatRowan Co.Hazard12:30pmW 7-0
4/23/2022SatHazardHazard3:00pmW 21-6
4/25/2022MonProvidence IN.Trinity Stadium5:00pmW 10-3
4/27/2022WedSt. XSt.X6:00pmL 2-8
4/28/2022ThuWaggenerTrinity Stadium5:00pmW 10-0
4/29/2022FriBallardTrinity Stadium5:00pmW 14-4
4/30/2022SatCollinsCollins12:00pmW 16-1
5/2/2022MonNo. OldhamTrinity Stadium6:00pmW 6-1
5/3/2022TueSenecaTrinity Stadium5:00pmW 15-0
5/6/2022FriCALTrinity Stadium6:00pmW 2-1
5/7/2022SatSt. HenryTrinity Stadium10:00amW 5-2
5/7/2022SatBeechwoodTrinity Stadium12:30pmW 4-3
5/9/2022MonMadison CentralTrinity Stadium6:00pmW 10-0
5/11/2022WedFrederick DouglasFrederick Douglas6:00pmW 2-0
5/12/2022ThuShelby Co.Shelby Co.5:30pmW 7-4
5/14/2022SatMcCracken Co.Trinity Stadium10:00amL 9-10
5/14/2022SatHighlandsTrinity Stadium3:00pmW 5-0
5/17/2022TueWaggenerSeneca7:00pmW 15-0
5/18/2022WedHighlands LatinSeneca5:00pmW 14-0
5/25/2022WedPortland ChristianTrinity Stadium5:00pmW 19-4
5/28/2022SatMalePatterson Field5:00pm
3/15/2022TueDeSalesDeSales7:00pmW 8-2
3/17/2022ThuMaleMale6:00pmW 11-4
3/19/2022SatOwensboro CatholicTrinity Stadium3:30pmW 7-0
3/25/2022FriSt. XSt.X5:00pmL 5-8
3/25/2022FriSt. XSt. X7:00pmW 10-2
3/28/2022MonPRPPRP5:00pmT 1-1
3/30/2022WedBallardTrinity Stadium5:00pmW 8-1
4/1/2022FriHomewood Flossmoor ILTrinity Stadium7:30pmW 14-4
4/2/2022SatBowling GreenBowling Green11:00CST/12:00ESTW 6-1
4/2/2022SatBowling GreenBowling Green1:00CST/2:00ESTW 6-0
4/5/2022TueCollinsPRP2:00pmW 7-4
4/7/2022ThuOldham CoTrinity Stadium5:30pmW 11-1
4/8/2022FriBallardPRP4:00pmW 12-7
4/16/2022SatRyleRyle12:30pmW 14-3
4/18/2022MonFloyd CentralTrinity Stadium5:30pmW 2-1
4/20/2022WedOldham Co.Oldham Co.5:30pmW 4-3
4/21/2022ThuMaleTrinity Stadium5:30pmW 7-6
4/22/2022FriBrother Rice ILTrinity Stadium7:30pmL 5-6
4/23/2022SatFrederick DouglasFrederick Douglas2:00pmW 10-1
4/29/2022FriBallardBallard5:00pmW 7-5
4/30/2022SatHighlandsHighlands12:30pmL 2-1
4/30/2022SatMoellerHighlands3:00pmW 6-3
5/5/2022ThuBallardBallard5:00pmW 3-0
5/6/2022FriCALTrinity Stadium3:30pmW 5-1
5/12/2022ThuShelby Co.Shelby Co.7:30pmW 7-1
5/13/2022FriLafayetteShillito Park (Lexington)7:00pmW 21-1
5/13/2022FriTates CreekShillito Park (Lexington)9:00pmW 7-2
5/14/2022SatLexington CatholicShillito Park (Lexington)10:00amL 5-6
5/14/2022SatHenry ClayShillito Park (Lexington)2:00pmW 20-3
3/15/2022TueDeSalesDeSales5:00pmL 3-4
3/17/2022ThuMaleMale8:00pmW 7-1
3/21/2022MonNorth BullittNorth Bullitt5:00pmW 5-4
3/25/2022FriSt. XTrinity Stadium5:00pmW 3-2
3/25/2022FriSt. XTrinity Stadium7:00pmW 6-0
3/28/2022MonPRPPRP7:00pmL 3-5
3/30/2022WedBallardTrinity Stadium7:30pmW 8-3
4/4/2022MonBallardPRP2:00pmW 9-5
4/6/2022WedMcCracken CoPRP4:00pmW 6-4
4/7/2022ThuOldham CountyTrinity Stadium7:30pmL 4-6
4/12/2022TueNorth BullittTrinity Stadium5:00pmW 9-6
4/16/2022SatRyleRyle10:00amL 1-3
4/19/2022TueFloyd CentralTrinity Stadium5:30pmW 6-4
4/21/2022ThuMaleTrinity Stadium7:30pmW 2-1
4/23/2022SatFrederick DouglasFrederick Douglas12:00pmL 6-7
4/26/2022TueSt. XTrinity Stadium7:30pm
4/29/2022FriBallardBallard7:00pmW 11-3
4/30/2022SatOldham Co.Oldham Co.12:00pmW 17-10
5/5/2022ThuBallardBallard7:30pmT 2-2
5/6/2022FriCALTrinity Stadium1:00pmW 7-0
5/9/2022MonFloyd CentralFloyd Central5:30pmW 8-5
5/13/2022FriSt. XTrinity6:00pmL 0-6
5/14/2022SatSt. HenrySt. Henry11:00amW 11-7
5/14/2022SatSt. HenrySt. Henry1:00pmW 10-7

Additional information can be found on the Trinity Baseball website

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