Trinity Baseball Season Outlook

 Coach Rick Arnold ’86

“Our pitching staff should be our strength because we will be very deep on the mound in 2023. Several pitchers were really impressive in fall workouts and our depth will be a huge asset this spring. We will be a young team in 2023 with only six seniors on the roster and only two returning starters from last year. We will feature several very talented sophomores, juniors, and seniors who will be competing for playing time this spring. Our guys had a great fall training period and the competition to see who joins returning starters Dane Morrow and Jake Schweitzer in the everyday lineup will continue to be the focus as we approach the spring.”

Hayden Rader, Class of 2023

“With all of the seniors that we graduated, this year’s baseball team is going to be very young, but we think we can be a very good team! Most of us remember what it felt like to lose that last game last year and I know there isn’t a single person on this team who wants to feel that again. This has really motivated us not only on the field, but in the weight room. I see everyone working as hard as they possibly can so we can be playing in that last game in June. I am very excited about this year, and I can’t wait to show how talented we are.”

State Champions: 2021

Region Champions: 1970, 1971, 1974, 1980, 1982, 1983, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2009, 2017, 2019, 2021

Head Coach:                   Rick Arnold ’86      (9th season as Head Coach)

Coach Arnold has led the Shamrocks to a 225-43 record over his 8-year tenure as head coach, including three Region Championships (2017, 2019, 2021) and one State Championship (2021; state record 41 wins). Over (30) of Coach Arnold’s former players have gone on to compete at the collegiate level, including (4) MLB Draft Picks – Korbyn Dickerson ’22, Daylen Lile ’21, Ben Metzinger ’18, and Brandon Pfaadt ’17, all pictured below L to R.





Varsity Team

Front row (L to R):  Brooks Hagedorn, Zach Floyd, Nolan Hosking, Barrett Buckley, Caleb Ricks, Baxter Tedesco, Dane Morrow, Collin Sander, Trevor Watkins, Jackson Supsky

Middle row (L to R): Robbie Carlisle, Weston Judd, Hayden Rader, Coach Jack Littrell, Coach Nick Parrish, Coach Ryan Wheat, Head Coach Rick Arnold, Coach Kam Bruner, Coach David Troutman, Evan Boeckmann, Jake Schweitzer, Junie Blackburn

Back row (L to R):  Cam Warfield, Carson Waddle, Jack Neal,  Kyle Campbell, Colton Cravens, Jake Wilson, Hayden Trier, Zach Jarboe, Ethan Dillon

JV Team

Front row (L to R): Johnny Leith, Konnor Stargel, Zach Floyd, Chase Hamilton, Matthew Cornell, Coach Adam Weining, Head Coach Nick Parrish, Will Ford, Barrett Buckley, Nolan Hosking, Jacob Fox, Aaron Welch

Back row (L to R):  Weston Judd, Grant Howard, Grayson Willoughby, Landon Simpkins, Colton Cravens, Zach Jarboe, Will DeSensi, Harper Haywood, Hunter Hall

Freshman Team

Front row (L to R): George Slahta, A’Darion Johnson, Brock Cannady-Miller

Middle row (L to R): Logan Judd, Aiden Hunt, Gavin Howard, Head Coach Tony Meyer, Coach Mike Crabtree, Beckham Lipp, Konnor Stargell, Cade Partin

Back row (L to R): Skyler Huval, Zach Swope, Griffin Brunstetter, AJ Goodloe, Grayson Willoughby, Harper Haywood

Baseball Team Schedules

3/8/2023WedFranklin Co./ScrimmageTrinity Stadium6:00pm
3/11/2023SatOwensboro Catholic/ScrimmageOwensboro Catholic HS2:00pm
3/14/2023TueButlerButler HS5:30pmW 21-0
3/15/2023WedSouth OldhamTrinity Stadium5:30pmW 12-2
3/16/2023ThurSouthernSouthern HS5:30pmW 6-1
3/18/2023SatConnerBeechwood HS12:00pmCNC
3/18/2023SatBeechwoodBeechwood HS2:30pmCNC
3/20/2023MonBallardBallard HS5:00pmW 8-5
3/21/2023TueFrederick DouglasTrinity Stadium6:00pmW 4-3
3/23/2023ThuFrederick DouglasFrederick Douglas HS6:00pmW 16-7
3/25/2023SatRyleTrinity Stadium3:00pmW 3-0
3/28/2023TueHighlands LatinTrinity Stadium5:30pmW 7-2
3/29/2023WedOldham CountyOldham Co HS6:00pmW 7-5
3/30/2023ThurMaleTrinity Stadium6:00pmW 9-5
4/1/2023SatHighlandsHighlands Field11:00amCNC
4/3/2023MonHilliard Darby HS, Columbus OHTrinity Stadium6:00pmW 3-2
4/4/2023TueHilliard Darby HS, Columbus OHTrinity Stadium12:00pmL 2-3
4/5/2023WedHomewood Flossmoor HS, ILTrinity Stadium12:00pmW 14-12
4/6/2023ThurCALTrinity Stadium12:00pmW 9-1
4/8/2023SatScott HSTrinity Stadium1:00pmW 10-0
4/10/2023MonLexington CatholicTrinity Stadium6:00pmCNC
4/13/2023ThurBrother Rice, ILTrinity Stadium5:00pmW 9-5
4/14/2023FriSt HenrySt. Henry HS7:30pmCNC
4/15/2023SatCooper HSSt. Henry HS12:30pmW 7-4
4/15/2023SatCovington CatholicSt. Henry HS3:00pmW 11-1
4/17/2023MonProvidenceProvidence HS5:30pmL 0-4
4/18/2023TueAthertonTrinity Stadium5:00pmW 15-0
4/19/2023WedFloyd CentralFloyd Central HS6:00pmL 3-6
4/22/2023SatCarmel, INTrinity Stadium11:00amW 4-3
4/22/2023SatCarmel, INTrinity Stadium1:30pmW 7-6
4/24/2023MonCentral HardinCentral Hardin HS6:00pmL 1-2
4/26/2023WedSt. XTrinity Stadium6:00pmW 1-0
4/27/2023ThurWaggenerWaggener HS5:00pmW
4/28/2023FriDeSalesDeSales HS5:30pmW 3-1
4/29/2023SatManualTrinity Stadium1:00pmL 0-6
5/1/2023MonNorth OldhamTrinity Stadium6:00pmW 8-2
5/2/2023TueSenecaSeneca HS5:30pmW
5/3/2023WedE'TownTrinity Stadium6:00pmW 14-2
5/5/2023FriColumbia, IlMcCracken Co. HS7:30pmW 4-3
5/6/2023SatMcCracken CoMcCracken Co. HS11:00amW 7-4
5/6/2023SatLyon CoMcCracken Co. HS1:30pmL 1-2
5/8/2023MonMadison CentralMadison Central HS7:00pmW 15-2
5/9/2023TueShelby CoTrinity Stadium6:15pmW 4-2
5/16/2023TueSenecaTrinity Stadium5:00pmW 15-0
5/18/2023WedHighlands LatinTrinity Stadium6:00pmW 11-0
5/21/2023SunPortland ChristianTrinity Stadium6:00pm
3/13/2023MonDeSalesTrinity Stadium5:00pmW 11-0
3/15/2023WedSo. OldhamTrinity Stadium7:30pmT 3-3
3/17/2023FriMadison CentralTrinity Stadium6:00pmW 9-2
3/18/2023SatLexington CatholicTrinity Stadium12:00pmL 8-9
3/20/2023MonBallardTrinity Stadium5:00pmW 10-2
3/24/2023FriSt. XTrinity Stadium5:00pmCNC
3/24/2023FriSt. XTrinity Stadium7:00pmCNC
3/25/2023SatRyleTrinity Stadium12:30pmW 8-3
3/29/2023WedOldham Co.Trinity Stadium5:45pmW 13-1
3/30/2023ThurMaleMale HS5:00pmL 11-5
4/1/2023SatHighlandsTrinity Stadium1:00pmL 3-4
4/5/2023WedNorth OldhamButler3:00pmW 10-0
4/5/2023WedSouth OldhamButler5:00pmW 2-0
4/6/2023ThuMalePRP11:00amL 1-2
4/6/2023ThuMarshall HSPRP1:00pmW 6-1
4/8/2023SatOldham County Oldham County12:00pmW 9-4
4/10/2023MonBallardBallard HS5:00pmCNC
4/13/2023ThurBrother RiceTrinity Stadium7:30pmT 4-4
4/15/2023SatMadison CentralTrinity Stadium11:00amL 1-7
4/17/2023MonFloyd CentralTrinity Stadium5:30pmW 12-4
4/19/2023WedOldham CountyTrinity Stadium6:00pmW 5-4
4/19/2023WedOldham CountyTrinity Stadium7:45pmW 5-3
4/21/2023FriLafayette HSLafayette HS7:45 pmCNC
4/24/2023MonMaleTrinity Stadium5:00pmW 4-2
4/25/2023TueSt. XSt. X5:00pmW 7-1
4/27/2023ThurPRPTrinity Stadium5:30pmL 0-6
4/29/2023FriMadison CentralMadison Central HS5:30pmL 0-1
4/29/2023SatSt. HenrySt. Henry HSTBDW 13-2
4/29/2023SatSimon KentonSt. Henry HSTBDW 16-1
4/29/2023SatManualTrinity StadiumTBDW 4-3
5/1/2023MonJeffersonvilleJeffersonville6:00pmW 11-2
5/2/2023TueFloyd CentalFloyd Central HS5:30pmW 6-2
5/6/2023SatMoellerTrinity Stadium12:00pmW 5-2
5/6/2023SatMoellerTrinity Stadium2:00pmL 1-9
5/10/2023WedCentral HardinCentral Hardin6:00pmW 6-0
5/11/2023ThurShelby Co.Trinity Stadium5:45pmW 6-2
5/12/2023FriSt. XSt. X5:00pmW 5-1
5/12/2023FriSt. XSt. X7:00pmL 1-2
3/13/2023MonDeSalesTrinity Stadium7:00pmW 6-5
3/17/2023FriMadison CentralTrinity Stadium8:00pmW 7-4
3/18/2023SatLexington CatholicTrinity Stadium2:15pmW 8-6
3/20/2023MonBallardTrinity Stadium7:00pmW 8-2
3/24/2023FriSt. XSt. X HS5:00pmCNC
3/24/2023FriSt. XSt. X HS7:00pmCNC
3/25/2023SatRyleTrinity Stadium10:00amW 12-2
3/28/2023TueHighlands LatinTrinity Stadium7:30pmW 15-0
3/29/2023WedOldham Co.Trinity Stadium7:45pmW 3-1
3/30/2023ThurMaleMale7:00pmW 6-1
4/1/2023SatHighlandsTrinity Stadium11:00amW 3-1
4/3/2023MonMalePRP HS7:00pmW 4-2
4/4/2023TueOldham CountyPRP HS3:00pmT 8-8
4/4/2023TueNorth OldhamPRP HS7:00pmW 9-1
4/5/2023WedBullitt EastPRP HS7:00pmW 10-2
4/8/2023SatHighlandsMoeller HS12:00pmW 18-2
4/8/2023SatMoellerMoeller HS2:00pmL 3-6
4/10/2023MonBallardBallard HS7:00pmCNC
4/14/2023FriGreat CrossingTrinity Stadium6:00pmW 10-3
4/14/2023FriGreat CrossingTrinity Stadium8:00pmW 7-0
4/15/2023SatMadison CentralTrinity Stadium1:00pmW 11-1
4/18/2023TueFloyd CentralFloyd Central HS5:30pmW 13-8
4/19/2023WedNorth BullittNorth Bullit HS5:30pmW 10-1
4/22/2023SatOwensboro CathOwensboro Cath11:00amCNC
4/22/2023SatBowling GreenOwensboro Cath1:30pmCNC
4/24/2023MonMaleTrinity Stadium7:00pmW 10-7
4/25/2023TueSt. XSt. X HS7:30pmW 3-1
4/27/2023ThurPRPTrinity Stadium7:30pmW 9-0
4/28/2023FriMadison CentralMadison Central HS7:30pmW 6-3
4/29/2023SatScott Co.Scott Co. HS11:00amL 7-8
4/29/2023SatLexington LafayetteScott Co. HSTBDW 2-1
5/2/2023TueOldham Co. (5 inn)Oldham Co. HS5:30pmW 11-3
5/2/2023TueOldham Co. (5 inn)Oldham Co. HS7:15pmL 1-5
5/4/2023ThurNorth BullittTrinity Stadium5:30pmW 9-2
5/6/2023SatMadison CentralMadison Central1:00pmW 6-2
5/8/2023MonFloyd CentralTrinity Stadium5:30pmW 3-1
5/11/2023ThurShelby Co.Trinity Stadium7:45pmW 9-0
5/12/2023FriSt. XTrinity Stadium5:00pmW 6-0
5/12/2023FriSt. XTrinity Stadium7:00pmW 3-1

Additional information can be found on the Trinity Baseball website

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