Head Coach

Mike Szabo H'16

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Trinity Basketball – 2001 – 2021:  ROCK Solid Success

  • Every Trinity Basketball Senior went on to college.

  • Over (35) Trinity Basketball players were recruited to play college basketball. That number includes (25) basketball scholarships and (15) NCAA Division 1 players.

  • Two-time KHSAA state champions- 2012 and 2019

  • Six-time LIT champions – 2005, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2018, 2019

  • Six-time Seventh Region champions – 2004, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2019

  • Two-time King of the Bluegrass champions – 2010, 2017

  • Three NBA draft selections – Ray Spalding ’15; Jay Scrubb ’18; David Johnson ’19 (Pictured below from L to R)

Basketball Teams

Trinity Varsity Basketball


Front Row (L to R): Sam Repp (manager), Lance Chandler, Carson Waddle, Cam McClain, CJ Walls, Andre Clarke, Avery Frasher, Matt Toller, Jordan Bond (manager).

Middle Row (L to R): Coach Art Smith, Hannah Gittli A.T.C., Coach Drew Melton, Coach Drew Weber, Coach James Torra, Head Coach Mike Szabo,
Coach Bret Saxton, Coach Tyler Robertson, Coach Ishmon Burks, Coach Jarred Reuter.

Back Row (L to R): Coach Jordan Coleman, Drew Allen, Camryn Warfield, Alex Jenkins, Alex Johnson, David Pfeifer, Michael Long, Jacob McCray, Noah Lovan,
Andrew Johnson, Tristan Phillips. 

Head Coach – Mike Szabo

Assistant Coaches – James Torra, Bret Saxton, Drew Weber, Tyler Robertson, Art Smith, Drew Melton, Jarred Reuter, Jordan Coleman, and Ish Burks

Student Managers – Sam Repp, Jordan Bond, Tristan Phillips

Strength Coach – Mike Snyder and Andrew Johnson

Athletic Trainers – Bill Cubbage and Hannah Gittli

President – Dr. Rob Mullen

Principal – Dr. Dan Zoeller

Athletic Director – Rob Saxton

Trinity JV Basketball


Front Row (L to R): Jordan Bond (manager), Rocco Pfeiffer, Avery Frasher, Lance Chandler, Carson Waddle, Noah Lovan, Sam Repp (manager).

Middle Row (L to R): Tristan Phillips, Coach Drew Melton, Coach Arthur Smith, Head Coach Drew Weber, Coach Tyler Robertson, Coach Ishmon Burks.

Back Row (L to R): Brayden Nakata, Chase Lockhart, Alex Johnson, Alex Jenkins, Owen Morrison.


Head Coach – Drew Weber

Assistant Coach – Art Smith


Trinity Freshman Basketball


Front Row (L to R): Ashton Foreman, Rocco Pfeiffer, Andrew Gilligan, Chris Wilson, Will Hudson, Colin Sander, Gboyega Fakunle.

Middle Row (L to R): Coach Drew Melton, Head Coach Tyler Robertson, Coach Ishmon Burks.

Back Row (L to R): Jack Lambert (manager), Ben Rutherford, Colton Cravens, Maverick Shultz, Max Black, Bradley Krieger, Carter Haus (manager).


Head Coach: Tyler Robertson

Assistant Coach: Drew Melton and Ish Burks

Managers: Carter Haus and Jack Lambert

Basketball Schedule

11/30/2021TueDeSalesDeSales7:30 PMW 78-76
12/03/2021FriMaleMale7:30 PML 59-65
12/07/2021TueBardstownTHS7:30 PML 37-51
12/10/2021FriWaggenerTHS7:30 PMW 70-50
12/11/2021SatFern CreekTHS7:30 PML 59-61
12/14/2021TueJ'TownTHS7:30 PML 49-69
12/18/2021SatCovington CatholicFairdaleTBDL 51-68
12/19/2021SunMarion CountyFairdaleTBDW 73-38
12/20/2021MonLyon CountyFairdale7:00 PMW 77-73
12/21/2021TueLake Highland FairdaleTBDL 78-82
12/27/2021MonNorth LaurelLexington CatholicTBDL 65-68
12/28/2021TueBardstownLexington CatholicTBDW 68-65
12/29/2021WedMcCreary CentralLexington CatholicTBDW 60-34
12/30/2021ThuDunbarLexington CatholicTBDW 56-45
01/04/2022TueHighlands LatinTHS7:30 PMW 79-28
01/11/2022TueSt. XTHS7:30 PMW 74-60
01/12/2022WedDossValley5:30 PML 56-68
01/15/2022SatSt. XSt. X2:00 PML 61-67
1/18/2022TueCALTHS7:30 PML 68-72
1/22/2022SatMontgomery CountyTHS4:30 PMW 58-41
1/28/2022FriMadison CentralTHS7:30 PML 52-59
2/2/2022WedLexington CatholicTHS7:30 PML 52-58
2/5/2022SatBoyle CountyKY State University7:00 PMW 66-62
2/6/2022SunMason CountyMercer County4:00 PMW 61-48
2/9/2022WedSenecaSeneca7:30 PMW 77-51
2/10/2022ThuAthertonAtherton7:15 PMW 72-54
2/12/2022SatCollinsTHS7:30 PML 42-45
2/14/2022MonCentralTHS7:30 PMW 55-34
2/16/2022WedBullitt CentralBullitt Central7:30 PMW 63-44
2/18/2022FriDunbarTHS7:30 PML 53-59
2/23/2022WedAthertonWaggener5:30 PMW 54-48
2/25/2022FriSenecaWaggener7:00 PML 63-71
3/1/2022TueBallardBallard7:00 PML 55-66
11/30/2021TueDeSalesDeSales6:00 PMW 44-39
12/03/2021FriMale High SchoolMale6:00 PML 54-62
12/04/2021SatBowling GreenTHS1:00 PMW 47-28
12/07/2021TueBardstownTHS6:00 PMW 55-22
12/10/2021FriWaggenerTHS6:00 PMW 63-31
12/11/2021SatFern CreekTHS6:00 PMW 61-33
12/14/2021TueJ'TownTHS6:00 PMW 49-35
01/04/2022TueHighlands LatinTHS6:00 PMW 54-31
1/18/2022TueCALTHS6:00 PMW 44-41
1/22/2022SatMontgomery CountyTHS3:00 PMW 64-34
1/24/2022MonSt. XSt. X7:30 PMW 68-55
1/28/2022FriMadison CentralTHS6:00 PML 51-57
2/2/2022WedLexington CatholicTHS6:00 PML 38-46
2/9/2022WedSenecaSeneca6:00 PMW 43-29
2/12/2022SatCollinsTHS6:00 PMW 43-17
2/14/2022MonCentralTHS6:00 PMW 53-41
2/16/2022WedBullitt CentralBullitt Central6:00 PMW 61-31
2/18/2022FriDunbarTHS6:00 PMW 39-33
11/30/2021TueDeSalesDeSales4:30 PMW 44-37
12/03/2021FriMale High SchoolMale4:30 PMW 47-16
12/04/2021SatBowling GreenTHS12:00 PML 37-40
12/10/2021FriWaggenerTHS4:30 PMW 60-21
12/11/2021SatFern CreekTHS4:30 PMW 36-26
12/14/2021TueJ'TownTHS4:30 PMW 37-34
12/18/2021SatDeSalesDossTBDW 45-28
12/18/2021SatHolmesDossTBDW 51-29
12/19/2021SunPRPDossTBDW 45-33
12/19/2021SunNorth HardinDossTBDW 49-36
12/31/2021FriCALButlerTBDW 37-30
01/02/2022SunWesternButlerTBDL 35-57
01/02/2022SunCentralButlerTBDL 40-44
01/08/2022SatEasternCentral10:15 AMW 41-30
01/08/2022SatCentralCentral12:45 PMW 41-38
01/13/2022ThuSouth OldhamTHS6:00 PMW 49-16
1/18/2022TueCALTHS4:30 PMW 34-30
1/20/2022ThuSenecaSeneca4:30 PMW 61-22
1/24/2022MonSt. XSt. X6:00 PML 44-48
1/28/2022FriMadison CentralTHS5:00 PMW 47-31
2/2/2022WedLexington CatholicTHS5:00 PMW 43-38
2/13/2022SunDossSenecaTBDL 39-43

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