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2019 Season Outlook

Head Coach:            Mike Szabo H’16    19th season

2019 Finish:            KHSAA State Champions

Season Outlook:

After graduating the entire starting lineup, the 2019-20 squad will be led by Senior Andrew Brian, Junior Ethan Hodge and a number of younger players who have worked hard in the off season and who look forward to continuing the success of Trinity Basketball.  Team chemistry is outstanding.  Once again, the Basketball Rocks will play a very challenging schedule to include the King of the Bluegrass tournament before Christmas, the Chaminade tournament in St. Louis between Christmas and New Year’s, the annual rivalry game vs St. X at Bellarmine University, the Louisville Invitational Tournament and many regular season games with Top Ten teams in Kentucky.          

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Basketball Teams

Front Row: Cameron McClain, Greg Cole, Ethan Hodge, Dudley Cox, Vince Wolfram, Goldie Ashford, Andre Clarke, Christopher Walls,

Middle Row: Manager Zach Lancaster, Kaleigh Hundley, Coach Drew Weber, Coach Curtis Williams, Coach James Torra, Head Coach Mike Szabo, Coach Bret Saxton, Coach Tyler Robertson, Coach Derek Ferch, Coach Art Smith, Bill Cubbage ATC

Top Row: Kuach Zalbay, Zach Stahlman, Will McMillan, David Pfeifer, Andrew Brian, Jack Mitchell, Jacob McCray, Miles Franklin

Top Row:  Kuach Zalbay, Drew Allen, David Pfeifer, Jacob Coombs, Cameron McClain, Jacob McCray

Middle Row:  Zach Lancaster, Coach Tyler Robertson, Head Coach Drew Weber, Coach Derek Ferch, Coach Art Smith

Bottom Row:  CJ Walls, Alioune Gaye, Ja’Vin Jones, Greg Cole, Sean Wilkinson, RJ Simpson, Andre Clarke

Top Row:  Drew Allen, Nick Hatcher, David Pfeifer, Drew Hatcher, Jacob McCray, Ja’Vin Jones

Middle Row:  Cameron McClain, Coach Art Smith, Head Coach Tyler Roberson, Zach Lancaster, Stephen Mack

Bottom Row:  Michael Long, Camryn Warfield, Greg Cole, CJ Walls, Matthew Toller, Andre Clarke

Basketball Schedule

11/21/2020SatZip Zone Classic ScrimmageMartin High School7:30 PM
11/24/2020TueDeSalesTHS7:30 PM
11/27/2020FriMadison SouthernTHS7:00 PM
11/28/2020SatGreat CrossingGreat Crossing7:30 PM
12/1/2020TueMaleMale7:30 PM
12/4/2020FriJeffersontownTHS7:30 PM
12/8/2020TueAthertonAtherton7:30 PM
12/11/2020FriWarren CentralWarren Central7:00 PM
12/12/2020SatFern CreekFern Creek7:30 PM
12/17/2020ThuKing of the BluegrassFairdaleTBA
12/28/2020MonTraditional Bank Holiday TournamentHenderson CountyTBA
1/3/2021SunSt. XBellarmine6:00 PM
1/8/2021FriNorth OldhamTHS7:30 PM
1/18/2021MonHenry ClayHenry Clay7:30 PM
1/20/2021WedBryan StationTHS7:30 PM
1/22/2021FriMadison CentralTHS7:30 PM
1/26/2021TueSenecaTHS7:30 PM
1/29/2021FriLexington CatholicTHS7:30 PM
2/2/2021TueWaggenerWaggener7:30 PM
2/5/2021FriLexington LafayetteTHS7:30 PM
2/6/2021SatMooreMoore7:30 PM
2/9/2021TueCentralCentral7:30 PM
2/11/2021ThuLexington ChristianLexington Christian7:30 PM
2/15/2021MonDistrict TournamentTBATBA
2/18/2021ThuDistrict TournamentTBATBA
12/3/2019TueDeSalesDeSales6:00 PMW 51-45
12/6/2019FriMadison SouthernMadison Southern5:30 PMW 46-36
12/7/2019SatCenterville, OHTHS3:30 PMW 58-54
12/10/2019TueSenecaSeneca6:00 PMCNC
12/11/2019ThuOldham CountyOldham County7:15 PMW 37-27
12/13/2019FriBardstownTHS6:00 PMW 58-43
12/14/2019SatFern CreekTHS6:00 PMW 49-37
12/23/2019MonCollinsTHS11:00 AMW 52-44
1/6/2020MonSt. XST. X7:30 PML 53-57
1/10/2020FriGreat CrossingTHS6:00 PMW 58-35
1/11/2020SatCollinsCollins11:00 AM
1/22/2020WedBryan StationBryan Station6:30 PMW 54-51
1/24/2020FriHenry ClayTHS6:00 PMW 56-53
1/28/2020TueAthertonTHS6:00 PMW 57-38
1/31/2020FriMadison CentralMadison Central6:00 PML 30-47
2/1/2020SatWoodford CountyTHS5:30 PMW 67-44
2/4/2020TueCarroll CountyTHS6:00 PMW 83-25
2/7/2020FriLexington CatholicLexington Catholic6:00 PMW 49-35
2/8/2020SatMaleTHS6:00 PMW 46-34
2/11/2020TueWaggenerTHS6:00 PMW 70-60
2/14/2020FriLafayetteLafayette6:00 PMW 67-57
2/18/2020TueCentralTHS6:00 PM
2/19/2020WedDoss TournamentDossTBD
2/20/2020ThuLexington ChristianTHS6:00 PM
2/22/2020SatDoss TournamentDossTBD
12/3/2019TueDeSalesDeSales4:30 PMW 49-28
12/6/2019FriMadison SouthernMadison Southern4:30 PMW 59-16
12/7/2019SatCenterville, OHTHS2:00 PMW 63-20
12/10/2019TueSenecaSeneca4:30 PMCNC
12/11/2019WedOldham CountyOldham County6:00 PML 45-51
12/14/2019SatFern CreekTHS4:30 PMW 68-43
12/20/2019FriPRPDossTBAW 55-35
12/21/2019SatWarren CentralDossTBAL 37-50
12/21/2019SatHolmesDossTBAW 65-23
12/21/2019SatEasternDossTBAL 41-43
12/23/2019MonCollinsTHS10:00 AMW 53-33
1/3/2020FriDossButlerTBAW 63-10
1/4/2020SatOldham CountyButlerTBAW 66-32
1/4/2020SatButlerButlerTBAW 60-45
1/4/2020SatBallardButlerTBAW 38-36
1/6/2020MonSt. XST. X6:00 PMW 56-44
1/22/2020WedBryan StationBryan Station5:15 PMW 41-35
1/24/2020FriHenry ClayTHS4:30 PMW 49-20
1/28/2020TueAthertonTHS4:30 PMW 63-11
1/31/2020FriMadison CentralMadison Central4:30 PMW 52-43
2/1/2020SatWoodford CountyTHS4:00 PMW 60-29
2/6/2020ThuSouth OldhamTHS6:00 PMW 63-21
2/7/2020FriLexington CatholicLexington Catholic4:30 PMW 48-46
2/8/2020SatMaleTHS4:30 PMW 46-34
2/11/2020TueWaggenerTHS4:30 PMW 66-22
2/14/2020FriLafayetteLafayette5:00 PMW 55-16
2/18/2020TueCentralTHS4:30 PMW 65-29
2/19/2020WedDoss TournamentDossTBD
2/22/2020SatDoss TournamentDossTBD

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