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Head Coach:                             Pete Schroeder H’16 (21st season as Head Coach)

Coach Schroeder: “After graduating some key players from the 2021 team, we return a number of players in familiar roles for 2022. Our young depth will have to continue to develop themselves against the traditionally tough out-of-state schedule as well as a group of improving in-state programs. By the end of the season, we hope to be contenders for the state title. At this time, the team has really embraced the opportunity to work together that we missed out on in 2020. The guys are putting in a lot of spirited work in the weight room as well as doiing stickwork & shooting as a team in anticipation of the start of the 2022 season.”


Lacrosse Team


Varsity Team

Top Row: Mason Christensen, Matt Scaglione, Sam Neff, Clay Krutsinger, Maverick Shultz, Hunter Perdue, Liam Murray, Brooks Puryear, Robbie Lindsey, Owen Bork, Andrew Welch

3rd Row: Chase Turner, Will Martin, Noah Hollister, Max Hartlage, Cole Wickliffe, Rider Monsour, Sam Orthober, Nick deGrandi, Sam Alexander, Dawson Halligan, Carson McNatt, John Tamburino

2nd Row:  Noah McQuillen, Jack McKiernan, Michael Adams, Drew Vignoe, Lucas Osborn, Ashton Tully, Conrad Piendel, Chandler Newton, Ryan West, Spencer Windham, Canton Lanham

Bottom Row: Charlie Horner, Tyler Christensen, Spencer Pride, Logan Bryant, Jack Mitchell, Manager Adam Stoflet, Coach Pete Schroeder, Adam Wickel, Braden Antle, Max Leachman, Huck Campbell, Talan Craig

JV Team

Back row: Alex Rittmuller, Joshua Bratcher, Christopher John Nichols, Ben Evola, Landon Clark, Charlie Barker, Boyd Knoerr, Cole Piendel

 Middle row: Logan Wade, Trent Harley, Noah Guffey, Jack DeBellis, John Clay Wallace, Zach Zeller, Jacob Nichter, Ethan Hunt, Matthew Money, Keegan Becker

 Front Row: David Passiafume, Kyle Wissel, Chase Reed, Coach Geoff Norman, Coach Chad Carpenter, Blake Marsh, Carter Mickus, Leo Clickner

Missing: Michael Johnson, Jack Jensen

Lacrosse Schedule

02/26/22SatScrimmageMcCallie TN1:00 PM
03/05/22SatMontgomery Bell AcademyMBA1:00 PML 10-12
03/06/22SunWRA, OHTHS1:00 PML 3-12
03/08/22TueSouth OldhamSouth Oldham6:00 PMW 3-2
03/13/22SunCulver, INColumbus, OH1:00 PML 5-16
03/15/22TueBishop Watterson, OHTHS6:30 PMW 12-8
03/17/22ThuDeSalesDeSales5:30 PMW 17-0
03/21/22MonSt. RitaTHS6:00 PMW 12-4
03/23/22WedFrederick DouglassTHS6:00 PMW 14-2
3/25/2022FriNorth OldhamNorth Oldham6:30 PMW 19-1
3/26/2022SatManualManual1:00 PMW 19-3
3/27/2022SunThomas WorthingtonTHS11:00 AML 4-10
3/30/2022WedSt. XTHS7:00 PML 4-13
4/16/2022SatRavenwood, TNTHS4:00 PMW 15-6
4/19/2022TueCincinnati St. XCincy St. X5:30 PML 4-12
4/21/2022ThuSayreTHS6:00 PMW 18-3
4/23/2022SatMoellerMoeller1:00 PML 4-5
4/26/2022TueHenry ClayHenry ClayTBDW 18-5
4/27/2022WedBallardBallardTBDW 19-1
4/29/2022FriIndian Hill, OHTHS7:30 PMW 10-3
4/30/2022SatCarmel, INTHS1:00 PML 14-4
5/3/2022TueBallardBallard7:00 PM
5/5/2022ThuEasternTHS6:00 PMW 16-7
5/10/2022TueDeSalesDeSalesTBDW 19-0
5/12/2022ThuBallardBallard6:00 PMW 19-0
5/16/2022MonCollegiateTHS6:00 PMW 17-3
5/18/2022WedEasternTHS5:30 PMW 18-5
5/20/2022FriSt, XSt. X6:00 PML 6-13
03/05/22SatMontgomery Bell AcademyMBA11:00 AM
03/08/22TueSouth OldhamSouth Oldham7:30 PMW 10-3
03/15/22TueBishop Watterson, OHTHS5:00 PMW 16-8
03/16/22WedSt. XavierTHS5:00 PMW 8-7
03/23/22WedFrederick DouglassTHS7:30 PMW 14-2
3/25/2022FriNorth OldhamNorth Oldham8:00 PM
3/26/2022SatManualManual2:30 PM
3/30/2022WedSt. XSt. X5:30 PM
4/16/2022SatRavenwood, TNTHS2:00 PML 8-9
4/19/2022TueSt. XavierSt. X5:30 PM
4/23/2022SatMoellerMoeller11:00 AMW 9-2
4/27/2022WedBallardBallardTBDW 18-1
4/30/2022SatCarmel, INTHS11:00 AML 15-6
5/3/2022TueBallardBallard5:30 PM
5/5/2022ThuEasternTrinity8:00 PMW 15-2

Additional information can be found on the Trinity Shamrocks Lacrosse website

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