Class of 2025 

 This page is full of important information guiding families through the entire admissions process until your son begins school in August as a freshman.  We want you to feel totally comfortable knowing we will help your son make a smooth transition and Be GreaT at Trinity High School.

Here’s a look at some of the newest Shamrocks joining the Trinity Family! We’re proud to showcase Trinity’s Class of 2025!

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Weekly Updates – Jan. 18

As we move through the admissions process we will share weekly reminders so you can stay informed.  See below for details:

  • Admissions and Student Information Form – on the Class of 2025 page is a link to this form.  If you haven’t already, please take time to fill it out before Jan. 15 so we can create an accurate PowerSchool account which will become your source for all academic news at Trinity over the next four years.


  • Financial Aid – applications for the 2021-22 school year are now open.  If your family plans on applying for financial aid, please begin the process with FACTS now.  Applications need to be in “completed” status by Feb. 28.  You can access and begin the application by clicking here.  If you have questions about this process, please contact me directly or plan on attending a Zoom meeting on Jan. 21 at 7 p.m. which you can pre-register for by clicking here.  


  • Current Parent T-Blasts – soon you will begin receiving our bi-weekly “T-Blasts” which are sent to our current parents every other week on Thursdays. Each email is full of information which keep Trinity parents updated and informed.  Just as we are trying to help your son make a smooth transition, we want the same for you and hope you enjoy this information.


  • Placement Tests – test results are being shared with your son’s current teachers and counselors asking them to solicit feedback.  Based upon his score and their feedback, we begin crafting a possible class schedule for next year. We are allowed to share results with you on Feb. 9 along with an invitation to meet with us one-on-one to review the scores and his possible class schedule. We work in partnership with you to determine his best placement.  If you have any questions along the way, please contact Mr. James Torra at or Ms. Jennifer Browning at


  • Class Registration – will occur over five nights on Feb. 24 and 25 and March 2, 3 and 4.  Families will select the date and time that works best for them and appointments will be spaced out over 30 minute intervals.  We will limit the total number of families on campus during each segment to allow for proper spacing and safety protocols will be followed. More details will be shared soon.


  • Important Mailing – you will soon receive a second mailing that will detail the financial aid process, class registration and explain our bus service through Miller Transportation. To find more information about the Bus Service you can click here

    Welcome to the Trinity FAMILY!

    Please complete the form below so we can send a “Welcome to the Class of 2025” gift to your son.

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    Admissions and Student Information Form 


    Before January 15, we ask that you complete an Admissions and Student Information Form for your son.  This information will be used to create an accurate PowerSchool account for  your family.  Details of how to access this account will be shared with you over the summer.

    Click here to access and complete this form.



    Below you will find important links on our website, a timeline of the admissions process and a list of FAQ’s and answers for each.

    Along the way, please don’t hesitate to contact Director of Admissions, Mr. James Torra at or 502-736-2120 with questions or for further information.  We are excited to work with your family and will walk you through the entire admissions process.


    Financial Aid Application – click here

    Online Campus Tour – click here

    ROCKStream Videos – click here

    Be GreaT Series – click here

    Class of 2025 Instagram – click here

    Important Moments in the Admissions Process

    for the Class of 2025

    • Placement Test-
      • Test administered today, Dec. 12.
      • Make-up to be administered Jan. 9.
      • Test results with invitations to register at Trinity will be mailed early Feb.
      • Click here for more details and to pre-register for the Placement Test
    • Registration-
      • Evenings of Feb. 25, March 1 and 4
      • Test results will be discussed in one-on-one meetings.
      • A suggested academic curriculum for freshman year will be covered.
      • Information about summer activities will be distributed.
      • Non-refundable $75 fee is required this evening.
    • Financial Aid-
      • Online application available to parents starting Dec. 15 (no paper application); information will be mailed and is also on Trinity’s website ( under Enrollment > Financial Aid.
      • Parent meeting is offered at 7 p.m. on Jan. 21 via Zoom to explain the aid application process.
      • Online applications and 2019 tax returns should be in “Completed Status” with FACTS Management Services by Feb. 28.
      • Aid awards announced and mailed to parents the first week in May.
      • Click here to access the application.
    • Bus Options-
      • Application forms mailed to parents in spring months; registration forms are due by May 15 and payment by July 15.
      • Click here to learn more about the Trinity Bus Service.
    • Tuition Rates and Payment Plans-
      • Brochure and enrollment forms are mailed to parents in April.
      • Tuition payment plans must be selected, and the student(s) enrolled by May 15 (payments begin in July).
      • Missing this deadline means a student will be removed from the school’s enrollment process.
      • Families who submit late plans will be re-enrolled but risk loss of scholarships/financial aid.
      • Click here to learn more about the tuition rates and payment plans.
    • Book Sales-
      • Members of the Class of 2025 will pick up important materials and purchase their books the week of Aug. 2 – parents and students must complete this step to begin classes soon thereafter.
      • In July we send a list of required textbooks – you are welcome to buy them in advance elsewhere or here the week of Aug. 2.
    1. What are the advantages of Block Scheduling?
      • Our Block Schedule has allowed students to earn record-setting results. To learn more click here.
    2. What is Advising?
      • Advising is made up of smaller communities that allow students the opportunity to grow closer relationships with Housemates and Faculty Advisors they will spend their four years with.  To learn more click here.
    3. What Academic Programs does Trinity offer?
      • We offer four Academic Programs to ensure each student’s experience is tailored to their abilities. Our goal is that each student reaches their full potential in a way that works best for them.  To learn more click here.
    4. Can my freshman test out of Algebra I?
      • Yes. At Trinity, we personalize each student’s academic placement in every class starting freshman year. Math is one of several classes that are taught at up to seven different levels freshman year. To learn more click here.
    5. What type of Counseling and/or Learning Support does Trinity offer?
      • We have ten counselors and two Academic Deans to support our students. There are counselors for every grade level, plus a traditional, advanced placement and learning difference counselor. We also have two counselors who assist seniors with college and career planning. To learn more click here.
    6. Can you explain Trinity’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy?
      • Through our Bring Your Own Device policy, we’ve learned what works best for students in classrooms. To learn more click here.
    7. What are the benefits of the House System?
      • The House System allows students the chance to build even closer relationships and experience a deeper sense of belonging. To learn more click here.
    8. How will you help my son make a smooth Transition to Trinity?
      • With more than 100 clubs, activities, athletic teams, intramurals and House activities, students find a group of friends that share the same interests. To learn more click here.
    9. How can my son participate in Athletics?
      • We offer a strong and vibrant athletics program with more than 20 different sports to choose from and at least one no-cut sport each season. To learn more click here.
    10. Can you explain tuition payment plans and how to apply for financial aid?
      • At Trinity, we are committed to maintaining academic excellence for all students, and equally determined to offer tuition payment plans and financial aid opportunities that make Trinity the right choice for families. To learn more click here.

    To discover who we are at Trinity High School, what we achieve at Trinity High School, and how your Future Rock can Be GreaT at Trinity High School click here!

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    If you have any questions, please contact Mr. James Torra, Director of Admissions, at 736-2120 or


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