2019 Student Phonathon

The 2019 Student Phonathon:

-A Marque Event, earning points for the House Cup

-Earns Service Hours

-Free T-shirt to all volunteers

-Games, contests and prizes throughout the night

-Pizza, snacks and sodas provided

-From 5:30-8:30 p.m. in the cafeteria

-Training and scripts provided

Here are the dates:

-Tuesday, March 26:  Dante House (Ms. Waggoner)

-Wednesday, March 27:  Seton House (Mr. Greenwell)

-Thursday, March 28:  Flannan House (Mr. Becker)

-Tuesday, April 9:  Aquinas House (Mr. Carroll)

-Wednesday, April 10:  Becket House (Mr. Thomas)

-Thursday, April 11:  Toussaint House (Dr. Striegel)

-Monday, April 15:  Merton House (Mr. Backes)

-Tuesday, April 16:  Patrick House (Ms. McGuire)

-Wednesday, April 17:  Gonzaga House (Mr. Mata)

-Thursday, April 18:  Romero House (Mr. Waggoner)

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