Why we look forward to August – Mr. Backes

June 29th, 2021
Jimmy Backes Theology Merton House As a teacher of freshman here at Trinity, the same question haunts me entering each school year: How do I get guys from 70+ grade schools to embrace Trinity? This past year, answering that call felt Herculean. The same question...

Trinity Senior Scores Perfect 36 on ACT

June 24th, 2021
Trinity’s Bucky Aboud-Hall, Class of 2022, recently found out that he scored a perfect 36 on his ACT. Congratulations, Bucky! Trinity is proud of you!

Student Affairs Office Code Word of the Week – Necktie

June 23rd, 2021
Code Word of the Week  It’s been more than a year since our students experienced a “typical” Trinity school day, and we are excited to re-implement the daily routines, procedures, and expectations explained in our Code of Conduct. Trinity’s Code of...

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