A Short Journey Down a Long Road – A column from the Trinity ECHO

December 29th, 2021
Sam Repp, ECHO Photography Editor As I begin my walk down the side of the road, I see old leaves on the grass, stuck there unable to move around without the precious wind.  I can feel the concrete surface under my shoes — and shots of air instantly making my feet...

Rocks Demonstrating Quick Recall Prowess

December 28th, 2021
Leo McAllister, ECHO Staff Reporter The Quick Recall Rocks have excelled while taking on strong competition.  The Rocks are led by head coach Mr. Mark Amick and coaches Mr. Jason Rand and Mr. Blake Napper. According to Amick in early December, “The JV team is...

Trinity Alum Pedro Sanchez-Villa ’15 Featured in Rostrum

December 27th, 2021
Originally published in the 2021 November/December issue of Rostrum magazine and reprinted with permission from the National Speech & Debate Association. To learn more about the NSDA, visit This article, in part, is featured in the 2021...

Beware the Trip Down Memory Lane – A column from the Trinity ECHO

December 23rd, 2021
Brandon King, ECHO Staff Reporter In search of memories, I was instantly met with the icy chill of winter attacking my nose and ears. I zipped up my coat, marched towards the cold, and headed for tiered rows of bleachers. They were turned in a way that showed...

Trinity Hall of Fame Dinner and Class of 2020 1.5 Year Reunion Photos

December 22nd, 2021
Three very special groups of Trinity alumni were celebrated last weekend! Thursday, we honored the Trinity Hall of Fame Classes of 2020 and 2021, while Saturday, we were thrilled to finally get the Class of 2020 together for a year-and-a-half reunion on campus!...

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