A Message from the President

A Message from the President

Dr. Rob Mullen

Our Church recently celebrated the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, one could say, our school’s feast day. The Gospel reading included the passage from John 3:16, familiar especially to sports fans who remember that guy holding up his sign at games.

There were a number of names considered when planning was underway for the new boys’ high school on Shelbyville Road. Since it was expected to operate for a few years at the abandoned Holy Trinity Church and School property, which dates to 1882, the decision was made to call it Holy Trinity High School. (Yes, the school was never meant to remain where it is today, but that is another story.) To eliminate confusion between the grade school and high school, the “Holy” was eventually dropped and we have remained Trinity High School since. The Class of ’57 says that after Monsignor Steinhauser saw how they behaved it was he who decided to drop the “holy”!

I mention the above just as background for the real message of this blog. Have you ever studied what we call the “Trinity” sculpture that is on the rotunda plaza? It was commissioned by the late Walt Collins and the Trinity High School Foundation to commemorate reaching 50 graduating classes, marked by the Class of 2006. Renowned Louisville artist Bob Lockhart was the sculptor. Students helped with the design [see Leader cover, Fall 2005].

There are 10 students, an homage to our 10 Houses, surrounding a central figure who has a hand raised holding a dove. Theological interpretations abound. As Bob is known for doing, he added several whimsical images in the piece, including numerous ways a student could have been “jugged” given rules at that time.

During this time of significant civil unrest, when you can, please study the students in this sculpture. I am proud that every one of our students can look at the sculpture and say, “hey, that one sort of looks like me.”
Bob knows Trinity. His son Shawn is a graduate (1984), his daughter Cory taught here, he and his wife Dottie are past recipients of the Trinity Peace Medal. The students who helped in the design affirmed what he understood about us.

Those who enroll at Trinity do not come from a cookie cutter. We are proud to have students from different neighborhoods, races, ethnicities, economic backgrounds, and religious traditions. We are honored nationally for enrolling an academically diverse student body. Bob got it right. Our students are not all the same. And that is a Trinity strength.

When they graduate, more often than not, they have caught what we have taught. Our mission statement says that we are forming men of faith and men of character. It is an active verb without an ending. Our lessons are life-long, always there for consideration. Every alumnus is asked to constantly seek Gods’ Truth found in our halls.

God so loved the world he gave is only Son. His Son had one simple message: ‘Love one another as I have loved you.’ Important words, especially for these times. 

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