A Message to Trinity Parents from Dr. Mullen

I hope that you and your loved ones are well. By now the number of us who know someone who has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus is growing. The number of us impacted by this disease is all of us.

I miss my colleagues. I miss our students. I miss the energy that a school day brings. I worry about the marginalized who were already just getting by in normal times. I am thankful for the healthcare workers and scientists, for the grocery store workers, for the truck drivers who get what we need to us, for medicine makers, and for neighbors who check on one another.

“Normal” will return. When it does, I hope we are all more appreciative of the little things, more thankful for the everyday, more aware of our daily blessings.

Schools are now closed until April 20. I am pretty sure that is a hoped-for date of return.

The volume of online learning by students and schools on the various learning platforms has stretched these systems nationwide. Thank you and your son for forging ahead. Dr. Zoeller and his team are preparing for some changes to online work when classes resume after “spring break.” More to come on this.

In the meantime, work continues on campus, albeit with skeleton crews who are keeping their distance from one another. We concluded the 2020 version of CelebraTion. Amazingly, it may be the most successful in its 50+ year history. Plans are being made with the hope that many of our usual spring events can take place, from senior prom and graduation weekend to concerts, the art show, some spring sports, and junior class transition moments. Is this all wishful thinking? Probably, but it doesn’t hurt to hope.

I hope that you had the chance to read the letter from Senior Class Vice President Nick Pesce to his classmates. It is on our Facebook page. His thoughts capture the sentiments being felt in settings everywhere. What I took away from his thoughts is the crucial nature of caring for one another.

This event or that event may be set aside. The most important meaning comes in our relationships.

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