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Trinity Athletics

By Rob Saxton H’15, Director of Athletics

As we move toward the 2017-18 school year, I want to provide an overview of the mission of Trinity Athletics, summarize the strong results achieved by our coaches and student-athletes in the most recent school year and share the expectations we have for parents related to Trinity Athletics.

Trinity Athletics – Mission

The mission of Trinity High School is as follows: “Trinity is a Catholic, college-preparatory high school, forming Men of Faith and Men of Character.” The mission of Trinity Athletics mirrors the mission of the school and adds one goal: “Compete at the Highest Levels.”

The Trinity Athletics Department, our Head Coaches and our Assistant Coaches, will strive to operate in accordance with the mission and goals stated above and will demonstrate behaviors and policies that support the ongoing educational process at Trinity High School.

Trinity Athletics – Results in 2016-17

Our coaches and student-athletes performed extremely well in the most recent school year. Highlights:

Sportsmanship – For the third consecutive year, no Trinity coach or student-athlete, at any level (freshman, JV or varsity), was ejected from a contest. This level of sportsmanship places Trinity in the top five percent of all high schools across Kentucky.

Post-season Success – Our teams competed and had success at the highest levels:

State Championship Teams: Football and Lacrosse

State Championship Individuals: Powerlifting, Swimming, Track & Field

Region Championships and State Runners Up: Cross Country, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Track & Field

Region Championships: Baseball, Bass Fishing, Golf, Swimming & Diving

College Signings – Over the course of our three signing dates, (fall, winter, spring), Trinity had more than 35 student-athletes commit to continue playing their sports in college.

Trinity Athletics – Expectations for Parents

From a recent survey of former high school athletes conducted by the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) … “Which parents are you?”

Among a child’s favorite memories: “My parents telling me they were proud of me no matter who played in the game and no matter which team won.”

Among a child’s worst memories: “The car ride home with my parents after my team lost or after I did not get to play in the game.”

Our expectations of parents related to Trinity sports:

  1. Support your son and his team by volunteering to help out as needed.
  2. Remember, participation and attendance at a Trinity sporting event is a privilege, not a right.
  3. Cheer for your son as well as the entire team.
  4. Cheer for Trinity. Do not cheer against the other school.
  5. Understand that playing time is determined by the coach.
  6. Show respect toward game officials, coaches and school administrators.
  7. Keep in mind that the game is for your son, his team and his coaches, not for parents.


I look forward to the start of another school year. I look forward to the opportunity for Trinity Athletics to reinforce the school mission. I look forward to another year of competition at the highest levels. And I look forward to all of us (administrators, coaches and parents) supporting the Trinity student-athlete.

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