A Quick Six from Spring Sports Senior Jack Furlong

Stone Wilmes, ECHO Staff Reporter

State runner-up in 2019 and 3-1 before COVID ended last season, the lacrosse Rocks have their sights set on a state championship this year.  Senior Jack Furlong answered some questions about his hopes for this season and his lacrosse career. 

Q: What are your hopes for the season?

A: The goal for this year is to make a run for state. We have a great all-around team, and I think we have a great chance to win it all.

Q: How has playing lacrosse year-round helped improve your game?

A: Playing club (lacrosse) during the Trinity off-season has really helped me to improve my skills. Getting to play against kids from around the country has exposed me to all kinds of different players with really high skill levels.

Q: What are your lacrosse plans after Trinity?

A: I am going to Centre College next year, where I will be playing lacrosse as well. I was already interested in Centre without the lacrosse program because I know it’s a great school. I have a lot of friends who are already there, and my brother is a junior on the team. All of this just made Centre seem like the perfect spot for me.

Q: What effects will COVID have on the season?

A: The main problem that we have had with COVID is that it hasn’t allowed us to have a preseason. Usually, we’re able to get together as a team and work on things for a few months before the season gets started. Without that work, we’ve had to work extra hard during the first practices this season to build our foundation as a team.

Q: Is it hard to manage school and lacrosse?

A: Freshman and sophomore years it was definitely a challenge. Over time I’ve learned how to manage my time effectively so that I can handle my schoolwork and lacrosse.

Q: What has been the best part of playing Trinity lacrosse?

A: The best part of Trinity lacrosse is, without a doubt, the coaching staff. Every coach on the coaching staff has had an incredible influence not only on my playing career but also in life. Coach Pete (Schroeder) and everyone else on the coaching staff has been a great role model for me, and I know that they are people that I will always be able to reach out to if I ever need anything.

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