Advent Reflection

Christmas Eve

Monday in Fourth Week of Advent – Mass in the Morning

December 24, 2018

Reflection by Michael Budniak

As I sit in quiet solitude this Christmas Eve, knowing that the work I have wanted to get done is finished, presents wrapped under the lit tree awaiting smiles tomorrow, in the contemplative silence of warm air through the vents and the flicker of the candles burning, I am convinced that my peace in this here and now is not my own.

Today’s readings are all about King David and the Light to come that would carry on his Kingdom. Voices of prophets and fathers and psalmists all to say: “Don’t worry, there is good to come.” And that good has indeed come, with the memory of what tomorrow holds. The anticipation and Power of that first Christmas Eve must have been like some low-grade electric current, sensed and felt and passing over the entire world, even if the collective population back then had no clue how to recognize what was in the air. To those who were given the insight, the labor pains of Mary must have been palpable in a way that I can scarcely imagine. Those of you who have witnessed and felt the birth of your own children know this anticipation much better, I think.

So here we are, remembering a birth and anticipating a time of joy to celebrate what has been given to us without merit or worth or even in some cases our knowledge at all. What a gift. What a present. What a loving God to share unlooked for to all of us.

May this heir of David bring you peace this evening. And tomorrow. And for all time.

Loving God, we are all parts of you and you in us. Thank you for the Gift of Your Son by which we can better find you in us and in each other. Merry Christmas…..

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