Alumni Courtyard Undergoing Major Renovation

Those driving by campus have noticed much work taking place in front of our main classroom buildings in the area known as Alumni Courtyard. A late March snow storm severely damaged two trees in the courtyard and a late July thunderstorm snapped a third tree in half. These incidents changed our plans for revamping the area.

While new designs are being completed much work has already taken place. The wall between the courtyard and Shelbyville Road was rebuilt because the original wall (1973) was deteriorating. Visitors will notice 10 stone inserts on the courtyard side that will eventually feature plaques depicting our House patrons. The stone backing will bring these Bob Lockhart-created sculptures into prominence.

Once completed the courtyard will have ample areas for seating, lighting, lush landscaping, trees, new lights in the marquee, and one-of-a-kind arches over the three sidewalk entrances. We will also design the space to accommodate large tents that will allow for various events. Donors are helping make this project possible.

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