An End-of-Semester Message from Trinity’s Counseling Department

We hope you remain safe and healthy during these difficult times.

Semester 1 will conclude on December 18.

This year, Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 grades each make up 50% of your Semester 1 grade as we are not having exams.

According to Trinity’s academic policy, credits are earned by the semester. This means if you do not earn a minimum of 70% in one or more of your courses for Semester 1, you must attend Trinity’s Credit Recovery Program in the summer to make up that credit.

Grade Point Average, commonly referred to as GPA, is also calculated based on semester grades. 

Here are some tips as we move closer to December 18:

  • Make time to review your grades.  Log in to PowerSchool and look at your grades. Is there anything missing? Do you have any zeroes you could make up? Ask your teachers. Most will accept late work up until the end of the grading period.

  • Reach out to your teachers.  If you are having difficulties understanding a task or concept, email or speak with your teacher. You are lucky to have such caring and qualified professionals as your instructors. They want to help. Use Wednesday as a day to connect with your teachers if needed. Make an appointment to see them via Teams or in person. Tutoring is also available in our cafeteria every Wednesday from 9-noon.

  • Use the Upcoming Assignment link on PowerSchool.  Did you know this was available? In the Trinity Links dropdown menu, choose Upcoming Assignments. This will show a list of assignments in all your classes for the next two weeks.

  • Use your resources. 
    1. Your teacher is your first resource. Email or ask him or her when you have questions.
    2. Trinity provides a counselor and academic dean available to you. Contact them with difficulties you may be having.  A list of contact information is attached to this email. 
    3. Tutoring is available to you at no charge. Speak to your counselor to set up tutoring.
    4. Use Wednesdays as a productive work day. You can come to Trinity or interact via Teams with your teachers or counselors. Check your grades Tuesday afternoon and make a plan for Wednesdays.

Take charge of your grades. While there are plenty of people here to help you, it’s your responsibility to keep up in the class.

Congratulations if you earned honor roll Quarter 1. Over 62% of our students earned that honor. Let’s continue the hard work, so we can all take a real break and enjoy the Christmas holidays.

CLICK HERE for a comprehensive list of counseling contacts at Trinity.

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