An Open Letter to the Class of 2020

The following letter was written by Trinity’s Senior Class Vice President, Nicholas Pesce, to his fellow brothers in the Class of 2020.

An Open Letter to the Trinity Class of 2020


            If you’re like me, your head has been swirling with emotion these past four days, and for good reason. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought our year to a screeching halt – a halt with no clear end in sight. Special things, which we’ve been anticipating for four years now, are postponed or canceled. Our media reports ever-growing numbers of infected people, prestigious institutions closing their doors, and stories of total lockdown both across the sea and here in America. These are, to say the very least, uncertain times.

            A letter, much like this one, has been making rounds on the internet lately. In it, a Louisiana teacher asks the entire Class of 2020 to adapt to these unprecedented circumstances and overcome them. The teacher isn’t patronizing or dismissive. Rather, you can feel his care through his words, and his praise of this generation is genuine and touching. He implores us to keep fighting, to “plow through this in creative ways.”

            I think his call is a worthy one, and I say we respond.

            If there’s ever been a group of people who can adapt to any circumstance, it’s this group of seniors. Our impact on Trinity will be felt for a long time. Our athletic teams have enjoyed unparalleled success in the state of Kentucky thanks in no small part to the Class of 2020. After last year’s PSAT, 13 members of our class were recognized by the National Merit Corporation, a huge academic honor. Our Theater Department has enjoyed an incredibly strong string of shows. Our Speech and Debate seniors have consistently placed at or near the top of their events around Kentucky. The list goes on and on.

            However, it’s not these accomplishments that I’m most proud of. When I look around at you guys and see how we have come together as brothers, I am filled with happiness. The experiences we’ve shared at Trinity have molded us into a truly inseparable group. I think this is a result of the environment the faculty and staff have created for us at Trinity. Every day, I look forward to coming to school, greeting my teachers, and spending the day with my best friends. I can confidently claim that very few high schools in the country make their students feel this way. Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude towards Trinity for that, so I hope that our time spent at the school has shown it instead.

            Unfortunately, we may not be able to spend the most exciting part of our senior year at this special school. Prom has been postponed to May 9th, but we may not be back in school by then. Spring sports are in limbo until April 12th, but this assumes the COVID-19 pandemic is brought under control. Events that both students and teachers have been building up from the beginning of our time at Trinity are in danger of being canceled. I remember sitting in the car and staring at my steering wheel on the day prom was postponed, feeling totally shocked and hopelessly lost.

            As your Vice President, I am working with the other Senior Class Officers, our Class Moderators, and the top brass at Trinity to try and ensure these huge milestones aren’t taken from us. The fact is, though, we don’t have all the answers. The COVID-19 virus may continue to spread in spite of our nation’s best efforts and wreck any plans Trinity makes for the end of this school year. We may have already experienced our final days at Trinity without even knowing it. I pray that this isn’t the case, but I cannot make any guarantees.

            This is why I believe the call to band together and overcome this situation is so pertinent. We may have to make those special senior memories ourselves. At our hands are unbelievable tools to make this happen. As the first generation to grow up with technology, we have the ability to socialize, create, and learn as never before. Using these methods, we can take this break to grow closer than ever with our Trinity brothers, rather than be pushed apart by quarantine and fear. “But Nick, how can we do this when the CDC tells us to socially distance ourselves and our parents implore us to stay in the house?” you may ask. A valid question, sure, but I’ve got answers for you.

Take a page out of your Senior Retreat notebook and call up one of your buddies. Nothing beats cabin fever like a friend, and we could all use some good conversation in these stressful times. You never know who might really need someone to talk to, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Online school presents its own opportunities for bonding. If you come across work you don’t know how to do, give your teachers a break and ask a friend for help. I could argue for days that having a friend explain a hard math problem will teach me more than any textbook ever could.

The break also provides a huge opportunity to create new things. Is there a project or hobby you’ve been thinking about starting for a while? Well, now is the perfect opportunity to give it a shot! Whether it’s through writing, music, film, art, athletics, or any other medium, try to express yourself. We are living through history, after all, and what you do now could define how this pandemic is viewed in the future.

I don’t want to remember the end of my senior year as a three-month-long lock-in at my own house, and neither do you. So, look to the little things. Call up a friend, ask for help, and create new things. Take advantage of whatever opportunities are presented to you during this time, and don’t hesitate to go and make your own memories.

I really believe in this class. Never before have I seen such a large, diverse group of people who care so deeply about each other. Though the world around us may slow us down, we will never be fully stopped. Using our talent, character, and faith, we can break through any obstacle placed in our way. Unlike closed businesses and canceled events, our ability and desire to create memories to last a lifetime has not been impaired by this pandemic.

With that, I ask you to answer the call. Continue the fight. Don’t let circumstances beyond your control dictate your memory of this special time. Remember that you have 263 brothers to lean on. We, as seniors, will soon see a significant chapter of our lives come to a close. I don’t plan on letting this chapter end passively. Hopefully, you don’t either.

Trinity Forever!


Nicholas Pesce

Senior Class Vice President

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