An Update from Trinity High School Regarding Online Lesson Plans

Trinity High School will have online lessons for students from March 16-27 (Spring Break is scheduled for March 30-April 3). Families without Internet access should immediately contact Academic Services (736.2101) to arrange for pickup of alternate lessons or to have those lessons mailed home. Students and parents may also email Academic Deans for assistance ( or Phones will be answered each day 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

A special note to students: Unlike a snow day or two, two weeks of online assignments will have a major impact on your 4th Quarter grades. Even enrichment classes like Freshman Success, Senior Capstone, Community Service, and ACT Prep will have lessons. Take them seriously. Email teachers from your Trinity email if you have questions. Do not wait until the day before we return to do the work. You should work each day we are out. Many assignments will be due before we return. Finally, practice academic integrity and do your own work.

Students are expected to log onto Rockspace each day to find lessons. Teachers will post the day’s lessons by noon and will answer emailed questions from students by 3 p.m. each day.

Students should plan to complete lessons for the following:

Monday, March 16 – Green Day lessons

Tuesday, March 17 – White Day lessons

Wednesday, March 18 – Green Day lessons

Thursday, March 19 – White Day lessons

Friday, March 20 – Green Day lessons

Monday, March 23 – White Day lessons

Tuesday, March 24 – Standardized testing day (no lessons posted this day – tests will be rescheduled later in the spring)

Wednesday, March 25 – Green Day lessons

Thursday, March 26 – White Day lessons

Friday, March 27 – Green Day lessons

Teachers will post clear instructions on Rockspace about how to submit the work and due dates.

These are unprecedented times.  Decisions are being made all over the USA and the world to cancel events, activities and public gatherings.  We will do our part to support public health. Aside from online classes, there will be no Trinity sports, activities, or other school gatherings permitted during this period.

Please check our website for daily updates. Given the circumstances, the return to school on April 6 is not certain. We will follow the direction of public health officials. Each day we will post updates on our website, social media, and send alerts via Swiftk12 as necessary.

Thank you for your trust and patience as we navigate this uncharted territory.

P.S. We are making progress with plans for a postponed senior prom and will communicate the plans as soon as possible.

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