And Another Argentine Post

Another Argentine update from THS traveler Leo Borders:

Dear Mr. Zoeller, 

The week is going great! I’ve had a great time watching all of the World Cup games, even if Argentina plays poorly! One of the things I wish I would have known before I came to Argentina is that you need a lot of clothes. I packed light…very light. Note to future exchange students: two pairs of pants and two sweatshirts are not enough for 30 days in a foreign country! I also wish I would have known that it was going to be this cold every day. Maybe wish I’d brought long johns to wear under khakis. Also, my Spanish is definitely improving. My growth in Spanish is coming from all the new vocab I am gaining. Whenever I come across objects or words that I don’t know, I make it my goal to learn their meanings. I do this through repetition and quizzing myself on my new vocab terms.

Earlier today, I successfully communicated in Spanish when I purchased a water and snack from a kiosk. However, I am not always successful, and therefore am grateful for my Argentinian translator. When talking to Franco’s younger brother, I often have to ask for help because he is little and doesn’t understand my heavily accented Spanish. I can sometimes understand what he says, but asking for something is difficult. Overall the experience is absolutely life-changing. I am having a blast.

Thanks, Leo

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