Another Summer of Great Campus Improvements

As soon as the last exam is taken in May we always jump into a long list of campus improvement projects. This is how we are able to present a modern campus perfectly suited for today’s high-paced learning. We are fortunate in two ways when it comes to our summer campus projects. First, we receive funding from the Trinity High School Foundation and donors to do renewal and replacement work and new construction. Second, Mr. Bill Hogg H’15, Head of our Operations Department, brings his years of construction and facility management experience to our projects. The result of each summer’s flurry of activity is a campus that is attractive, efficient and safe.

Summer 2018 projects:


  • Fiber optic and access improvement project: connectivity to the Internet, both wired and wireless, increased by a factor of 10; includes new fiber optic line to all buildings along with 135 new high-end/high capacity access points (these are ceiling mounted devices) along with rewiring of 17 IT closets with new switches and routers


  • Nine Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning units were replaced, including the cooling tower for the Communication Arts Center


  • In classroom buildings 14 sinks had new faucets installed


  • Installed stronger exterior doors in several buildings involving six pairs of entry doors and three single entry doors


  • Installed new windows on the second and third floors of the Floersh Hall and Sheehan Hall connector


  • Replaced a water heater


  • Moved the Operations Department across the hall to a larger, more functional space


  • Created more secure storage areas in the bottom of Flaget Hall (faculty house)


  • Purchased new tables and chairs for nine classrooms per teacher requests


  • Completed various furniture purchases for classrooms per teacher requests


  • Made several security camera upgrades plus added one new camera


  • Purchased new mobile laptop cart


  • Upgraded carpet and paint in Campus Ministry office


  • Added ID card readers to W. Peter Flaig Library Media Center and Gregory H. Brown Technology Center for extra security


  • Acquired new instruments for the music program and purchased our own hand bells


  • Installed 16 new fire doors in Old Trinity and Sheehan Halls


  • Completed various lighting upgrades (LED)


  • Rebuilt the rotunda parking lot and upgraded landscaping


  • Finished interior door project in the Communication Arts Center totaling 21 new doors


  • Purchased athletic department equipment


  • Upgraded counter sales area in Campus Store


  • Added “Dennis Lampley Court” signage to Steinhauser Gym floor


  • Completed kitchen drain work and made cooking equipment purchases


  • Made numerous IT equipment purchases


  • Replaced two water fountains in the Communication Arts Center


  • Added new lighting in some exterior areas


  • Installed new window blinds in the Communication Arts Center


  • Separated the electrical service in Auditorium to provide enhanced sound quality; purchased new sound and video equipment


  • Worked through a long list of annual projects like painting, thorough cleaning of every classroom, carpet and window cleaning, parking lot work, landscape renewal, stadium turf repair and cleaning


  • Installation of a new marquee for the Auditorium

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