Argentine Exchange Program Update

Five Trinity students are spending the month of June in Argentina as part of our third year of this exchange program. Also attending are several students from Mercy Academy and Assumption High School.

Students participating in the Argentine exchange program are required to write about their experiences, sending weekly journals and photos back to Principal Dan Zoeller. Below is a recent email from Leo Borders, who is part of the Trinity contingent in Argentina this summer…

Dear Mr. Zoeller, 

So far, Argentina is incredible. There have definitely been highs and lows, however. Our travel experience was interesting to say the least. Almost immediately in the Louisville Airport, we knew our plan that night was canceled and we would have to spend time in the airport. Overall, sleeping was bad, but talking with old friends was very fun. We all were ready for the trip.

My living arrangements are wonderful. I have my own room (my host sister’s previous room) and have a bathroom nearby. The house I am at is very classy and it’s neat, almost like a Spanish style house. The food here is incredible and my host family is nice. They are very welcoming and, more importantly, very good at cooking!

Going to school has been interesting, too. My first impressions of St. Ethnea were very good. Though it was small, I enjoyed the atmosphere. Lots of nice, intrigued people. Our cafeteria has better food, but it is still good. Overall, the trip is going great and first impressions are wonderful.



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