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Student Morning Check-In Locations

Student Dismissal Schedule and Pick-Up Location Beginning September 8

To avoid congestion in hallways and on campus at the end of the day, students will be dismissed according to the following schedule: Seniors at 2:00, juniors at 2:03, sophomores at 2:06, and freshmen at 2:09. Afternoon student pick-up occurs at the parking lot on the west side of Sherrin Avenue. Per St. Matthews Police, drivers are not allowed to park on adjacent residential streets to await student dismissal.

If you have questions about your student’s dismissal time or pick-up location, contact Mr. Perkins or Mr. Timmerberg in the Student Affairs Office.

Get Your Covid Hair Back to Code!

As we return to campus, be sure your hair is compliant with our code of conduct (section 46). Specifically, hair length should not extend below the bottom of your collar and it should stay out of your eyes. Also, hair should be its natural color and free of artificial coloring. If you have questions about specific styles, please contact Mr. Perkins or Mr. Timmerberg in the Student Affairs Office.


The code of conduct, section 46(e), was amended to provide that when local or state officials mandate wearing masks, “students will be required to comply with such directions. Any such [mask] must not be inappropriate or distracting, as determined by the Director of Students.” Students wearing disposable masks must replace them daily. Students arriving at school without an acceptable mask may purchase a disposable mask at morning check-in for $1.

Dress Code During Mask Mandate  

While students are required to wear masks they may wear polo shirts (in good condition) instead of dress shirts and ties. Polo shirts must otherwise comply with all dress code requirements. Small logos located on the upper right or left side of the polo are acceptable. Logos that take up a large section of the polo are not acceptable.

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