Class of 2018 Sets Numerous Academic Records

Led by our principal Dan Zoeller, and guided by their teachers, counselors and support staff, the Class of 2018 is leaving Trinity after establishing several new academic records. Our block class schedule and smart use of technology assist in establishing these records.

For the 13th consecutive year we required every senior to take the ACT as a graduation requirement. We were one of the first schools in the Commonwealth to have this requirement. As of this writing, Assistant Principal and Academic Dean Jeremy Jackson reports that their ACT composite score is the highest in school history.

As trumpeted in the NCEA’s national Momentum newsmagazine, at Trinity every class is academically diverse and represents Placement Test scores across the entire spectrum. But as seen above, when they enroll at Trinity, excellent academic results follow.

Our students take a series of pre-ACT predictive tests as underclassmen. Nearly every graduate met or exceeded his predicted ACT score. A strong ACT score offers three benefits: (1) access to the college one desires, (2) opportunities for scholarships, and (3) better preparation for the rigors of college-level study.

Paul Diehl, director of the Advanced Program, reports that students are taking a record number of AP exams, more than 660. The AP exams are a way to gain college credit while taking classes at Trinity.

College Guidance Counselors Matt Manning and Allie Kerns report that the class received college merit scholarship offers totaling $35.6 million, which is a new school record. They were accepted at 138 colleges and universities. Acceptances were offered by such schools as Amherst College, Boston University, Brown University, Dartmouth College, New York University, Northeastern University, the University of Notre Dame, Vanderbilt University and Yale University.

They were generous to charitable causes, performed thousands of hours of community service, excelled in academic and athletic competitions, and participated in religious offerings like the voluntary senior retreat.

We salute them.

May they remember God’s Truth that they found in these halls and the Wisdom that echoes clear.

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