Class of 2022 Arrives for the Placement Test and a GreaT Future

Saturday, Dec. 9, saw hundreds of eighth-graders take the High School Placement Test at Trinity. The students arrived with enthusiasm and a big dose of wonder. We are ready to make the next four years the best experience of their young lives.

The number of testers is the second highest total of the past six years.

“This day is a mixture of anticipation and affirmation,” said school president Dr. Rob Mullen. “I get charged up talking with parents who have brought their son. As a parent I fully appreciate and deeply understand what this day means and the feelings it elicits. It is a privilege to partner with these families to make the next four years as meaningful and powerful as possible.”

The annual Placement Test is the beginning of a lengthy process to form the next class of freshmen. The test is given again on Jan. 6 for those who could not make it for the first sitting.

The Placement Test is a standardized test given to thousands of eighth-grade students each year. The results of the test are one of three ways Trinity determines the best schedule of classes for each student. Feedback from the student’s current teachers and input from his family are also considered in the placement process.

While students took the exam, their parents attended a meeting with information shared by principal Dan Zoeller and director of admissions James Torra.

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